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MSN off to their best start ever and could reach 150 goals this season

2016-09-19 14:19:15 | news
Since the start of the new season, buy fifa 17 coins Barcelona despite occasional mistakes, but the overall performance is still very eye-catching, but the key is often behind victory MSN three ultra high efficiency goals.
Since the start of the new season, Barcelona played all 7 games, including 4 League, 1 Champions League and two Spanish Super Cup, which MSN three scored 17 goals, it is particularly worth mentioning is that Neymar also because the Olympic Games missed the first 4 games. The high efficiency goals for "daily sports newspaper > couldn't help predicts scoring MSN this season could reach 150 goals.
This season, MSN three people scored 7 goals in 17 games, fifa 17 points averaging 2.43 goals, the daily sports news think, in accordance with the efficiency of such goals, MSN three people this season's goal is expected to reach 150 goals.
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