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2017-04-20 14:35:07 | 日記
In the past, it was universally considered as indecent when you put on clothes in totally different styles. That is, however, a medieval point of view nowadays, cause mix&match style is leading the fashion. Among which, athleisure is likely to be the most popular one. It can be seen literally it’s a mixture of Athletic and Leisure. If you want to keep the pace with the new trend, let’s check what to wear.
Sports T-shirt paring with jeans
Go for a Sports T shirt with a pair of jeans. The point of this look is the sports brand logo. It functions the same as a simple patter on the shirt, but is more cool i think. This look is not only suitable for off-hours but also for college students, youthful and vigorous.


Super simple tops with sports pants.
If you are not into jeans or tights, you can go for a pair of sport pants, with a super simple white T. There are all kinds of sport pants, some are straight, some are skinny like yoga pants, some are long wide-legs style and others are sweat pants.

linen top
Sport suits with overcoat
May be many women will wear a set of sport suit at home, since it’s so comfortable. Now, you just put on an overcoat before heading out the door, a chic athleisure look has been done. How convenient it is! I love that mix&match cause it’s really customized for lazy persons. What’s more , this athleisure has appeared in Fendi Spring 2017 READY-TO-WEAR Fashion Show and got a great popularity. As the temperature rise, you could replace the overcoat by a cardigan or a linen thin coat.
linen top

Suit or blazer paring with hoodie
Also hoodie is one of the vogue icons for athleisure. It is best to go for a casual suit with hoodie, which could be little formal as well as comfortable. What’s more, since it’s spring now, the weather is warm, we can try some linen suits with hoodie, is cool enough. Just make sure not to pick a thick hoodie, otherwise you will look very bloated. Go for a bright color hoodie inside to launch your girl’s power.
linen top
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