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Trendy Tops That Make It Easy To Beat the Summer Heat

2017-04-19 10:32:33 | 日記

From the woman who breezes into the boardroom in a chic blouse tucked into a pencil skirt to the pretty college teen who shrugs at fashion by trudging in a loose tee and boyfriend jeans, tops are an unabashed part of our closet and since they keep bringing new trends every season, here are some trendy tops for this summer that will keep you stylish and comfortable.

  1. Falling Off The Shoulder Tops

There is something about tops falling off the shoulder that is making everyone go crazy about it. It is probably the refreshing change in silhouettes or just the ability to bare a bit in the summers. Button up your blouse halfway and let the sleeve jauntily fall off one of the shoulders. You can also shop for pieces that are tailored to make this look seem effortless. Tops falling off the shoulders are everywhere on the streets and you don’t want to miss out on this summer trend.

  1. Florals

There is nothing more beautiful than the addition of some light florals to your summer collection. You can keep it simple with smaller prints that look prim or you can make a statement with brighter and bigger florals printed on the top. Choose your prints to match your persona and pick fabrics that keep you comfortable in the summer heat. Cotton and linen are our favourites but sheer fabrics do well in summers too. Trendy tops in florals can help you rock a subtle and distinctive look.

  1. Peek a boo tops

Women with hectic schedules will be able to relate to the fact that the lines between evening wear and daily wear are quickly getting blurred in the cities where a long day at work often ends in a long night out with friends. This is probably the reason why peek a boo tops are garnering some attention from women with busy schedules. With a little show of the skin and some great style, these tops can make you look perfect for your boardroom meeting and winsome for an evening date as well.

  1. Bright Hues and Plain Nudes

The spring summer 2017 fashion trends have included a delightful rainbow of pop colours and plainer nudes. Add some vibrancy to your closet with bright pinks, reds and yellows and balance it out with the addition of some subtle tones of muted colours.
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