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Aiming to bring the community together

2017-04-20 16:12:27 | wedding
AIMO Fashion Show

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Navy blue flared shibori pants, bell sleeved rompers and a maxi dress inspired by the warmth of the California desert are some of the garments making their debut appearance at the 13th annual Apparel and Interiors Merchandising Organization fashion show.

Hosted at the grand Rock Springs Center in Greenville, a couple hundred fashion lovers and beauty enthusiasts from across the state will gather tomorrow at 7 p.m. to see these garments walk down the runway live.

Combining creative minds from East Carolina University and about six boutiques, senior fashion merchandising major Rebeccah Zabawski said the show is expected to have over 90 unique looks premiere.

“We will be having the felt making class and the application of dye class show their collection, three ECU students show theirs and boutiques such as Preppy Pirate, Beloved, Truly Yours, Shimmer, Unveiled Bridal and Escape Spa and Boutique feature some of their clothes as well,” said Zabawski.

With the theme of the show being a “night in shining armor,” production manager and senior Alyssa Patterson decided to organize the order of garments in a way that they transitioned from daytime wear to nighttime wear on the runway.

“We’re trying something different this year and starting with our student designers since what they have created is more daytime and sporty,” said Patterson. “Then we will transition into our boutiques and end with Unveiled Bridal. We have never had bridal attire in one of our shows before so we are excited.”

East Carolina University senior art major, with a concentration in textile design, Alicia Roueche is one of the designers showing her hand dyed and stitched together collection first this year. Roueche said her five piece collection was inspired by her recent visit to Palm Springs, California, and the resort in which she stayed, the La Quinta Hotel.

“I went with a 1970’s feel because when I think of Palm Springs I think of vintage and retro California,” said Roueche. “As my collection walks down the runway I want (the audience) to have a good time, I chose an upbeat song that my models will walk to because if you are not having fun you are not doing it right.”

Although she has made garments for AIMO shows in the past, Roueche said this is her first time executing and delivering her very own mini collection.

“It is a very exciting and nerve wracking experience,” said Roueche. “The hardest part about making my collection is that I am learning as I am going. I have only sewn a few simple dresses before and the process of reading the patterns, figuring out the measurements, printing the yardage and sewing everything together was quite a challenge.”

Sticking with the same warm weather feel, Kelsey Light, ECU alumna and owner of Beloved Boutique in Wilmington, North Carolina, will also be showing garments in the show tomorrow. Light said that her collection will exude coastal, fashion forward vibes as a nod to the shop’s location. To top off her looks, Light’s models will sport soft beach waves and light natural makeup for a sunkissed glow.

“I will be showing 10 complete looks,” said Light. “These outfits will be a mix of casual and every day and occasion looks. They will be a blend of dresses, rompers, shorts, denim and top combinations.”

As an alumna and former member of AIMO, Light said she looks forward to returning to her alma mater every year and supporting the club at their big event.

“This event is very dear to me,” said Light. “I want to support and team up as much as possible. I hope that seeing an Alumni return, and working within the fashion industry can encourage and inspire the current students to keep chasing their dreams.”

Expecting a couple hundred attendees, Zabawski said the club has made it their mission to improve every year and that this year is no different. Patterson had similar sentiments and said the best part about hosting the fashion show is getting the community together.

“I think the tight knit community aspect of Greenville makes it the perfect location to host the show every year,” said Patterson. “I think people should attend (tomorrow) to show support for one another and see what everyone is doing, to see what AIMO has been working hard for all year.”Read more at:quinceanera dresses

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