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African beauty to shine from Under the Trees

2017-06-30 19:28:00 | wedding

From natural hair styles to in­spirational ethnic jewelry to the prints, cut and colours of fabrics, African fashion has woven itself into the hearts of the mainstream. For many people, African style has become a state of mind, embody­ing beauty and purpose, evoking spiritual strength and inspiring a sense of individuality. Qurux Af­rica 3, a fashion show organised by the Emancipation Support Com­mittee (ESC), is fast becoming a must-attend fashion event, and it is on this Sunday, Under the Trees at the Hotel Normandie, from 4 pm.

Executive director Zakiya Uzoma Wadada says of the show: “With 25 years of commitment to the develop­ment of the African consciousness in T&T, we see this show as an opportu­nity to reach our brothers and sisters, allowing them to see themselves in the best possible light.”

Entertainment company Fashion Focus has been working alongside the ESCT to manage and produce the Qurux Africa show for the past two years. Fashion Focus is known for its annual production of the Fashion Con­vention and Fashion Magazine.

The Qurux Africa 3 production in­cludes a 31st anniversary celebratory presentation entitled Thanksgiving by Robert Young of The Cloth, and a high­ly anticipated presentation by The Lost Tribe, directed by Valmiki Maharaj.

Special local designers will include Andre Lovelace of The Nubian Expe­rience, Deron Attzs Designs, Donna Pemberton, Afrikan Ark Jewelry by Johan Mohamed and Mahogany Stuff.

The event will also showcase the latest Ghanian fashion with design­ers Josephine Hayford of Haylooks and Faustina Ansong. Both designers have participated in the Emancipation Festival for many years and continue to provide the latest in African fashion right here in Trinidad.

After the production patrons can purchase their favourite outfits di­rectly from the designers at pop-up booths. Traditional accessories such as headwraps, jewelry, handbags and craft will also be on sale.

Michael Christopher, lead consult­ant for Qurux Africa, says, “One of the main goals of Fashion Focus is to create an innovative angle on the presenta­tion of fashion, one that is more fluid, dynamic and engaging. Shows like this allow the patron to enjoy a show, select items that appeal to them and purchase items at the pop-up shop. There will be a variety of styles—evening wear, business, and casual wear—both male and female, and even a kids’ line.”

Patrons are invited to come out from 4 pm for the cocktail reception, fol­lowed by the African and African-in­spired presentations.

This year’s event will feature a pho­to-booth. Door prizes will be presented throughout the show. Headline model, Athaliah Samuel (Miss T&T 2012) is pleased to be associated with the pro­duction.

The Emancipation Support Com­mittee of T&T celebrates its 25th an­niversary this year. The organisation says it is committed to education, development and personal identity.Read more at:grey prom dresses | occasion dresses

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