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Getting cost free service from Outlook and alternatives

2017-01-16 16:56:52 | Email Support
For outlook users, free of cost outlooks service and outlook tech support for the service is given. If you ever get stuck with a problem that you don’t know how to resolve, below listed ways are the simple ways that you can use to get rid of the outlook issue right away.
Outlook tech support: Cost free and effort free
Technical support given by outlook is free of cost and given to all users regardless of their location or linguistic differences. Let’s explore the different ways through which the users of outlook can seek support service for technical issues management
• The most basic medium of customer service is via the phones. This is probably also the most used method of customer support since phones are commonly used by global users. The users of outlook can use the numbers given on Microsoft helpline list and speak with the professional team of technical support at the Microsoft service centers.
• The other way is via the Emails. If your live account is working fine and you only need to find information on certain matters related to Outlook then you can write to them or use another Email address to write to the Microsoft help and support team. For any small or major query, this method can be used.
• For all issues of outlook, there is a specific section available at the main Microsoft support forum and there, all users can post about their problem. In fact, using a search, specific threads on issues like Outlook not working can also be sought. So, either you can search for previously mentioned and resolved issues on the forum or you can begin new thread on your particular issue.
• The last and simplest medium is to check out the knowledge base website of Microsoft. It has numerous information mentioned that is available completely free of cost and is given for help purpose. So, if you are confused about a particular issue in your outlook account, you can seek reference for just about any issue from this website and also double-check about your diagnosis of the issue and use the tutorials given on the website.
But there are cons too!
The Outlook customer support number doesn’t work for all geographical locations so the users located in more remote locations may have problem in getting their outlook issues fixed through the phone option. The email option is also a bit delayed because it takes about 48 hours (Max) to get response on the sent Email. Also, if due to any problem, you are not able to get access to your outlook account then you can’t use the option of forums because logging in with a Microsoft active account is necessary for those who want to post on the forums to being a thread.
Also, options such as third party service for outlook not working at home service, remote service etc can be put to use. They are affordable and effort saving.

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