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Klopp talked about the current situation of the team

2017-01-03 14:06:26 | 日記
Klopp: melon handsome is an excellent coach, Chamberlain joined pure nonsense

Premier League will usher in a focus this weekend, World War II, Liverpool will sit Anfield stadium against Manchester City, at present, the two teams in the fifa 17 ps4 coins Premier League ranked second and third, Manchester City last Anfield win also traced back to 2003. Last season Liverpool in the league double play Manchester City, but the Carling Cup final is Manchester City last laugh.

Before the press conference, Klopp talked about the current situation of the team, including injuries, as well as the team and so on, at the same time, Liverpool coach also praised Guardiola Jia, although in the face of Manchester City game Has advantage, but Kelu Pu frankly, this weekend's game will buy fifa 17 coins be a different contest.

About the introduction of Arsenal players in the winter transfer Chamberlain

Normally, I do not know when I see these transfers, but it's really nonsense about it. I think, for the winter transfer, I have said the words have said. My English is not good enough, can not use other words to describe the matter. So, I repeat, if we think there will be players in January, February, March, April and May to help us, then we will fut 17 coins move in the transfer market, I'm not sure this for us this year Will be very important.

About the upcoming year-end battle with Manchester City

This will be a very important game for both sides, six teams scramble for four Champions League seats, and even a championship seat, each game is like the cheap fifa 17 coins final. We know the importance of this game, but there are a lot of league is coming, but I can imagine that this will be the most important game. In the face of such a strong end of the year-end team.

For us, the biggest advantage is the venue is at Anfield, we hope we can take advantage of this advantage, for the two clubs will be very difficult, we really look forward to this game, we like and the best Opponents grips. Chelsea and Manchester City are two very different fifa 17 xbox one coins teams, different ways of playing, Manchester City has the most powerful lineup and bench depth.

About Aguero will return in the game

I hope Guardiola can give Aguero three and a half weeks of vacation, let him go to those pleasant places to rest, he is a good striker, very talented fifa 17 points player. I think the weather in Argentina is good now, let him go to Argentina, a good vacation.

What else can I say? He's back, he's a very good striker, and I never hide that. This makes the game more difficult, but we know this before the game. What we know is that only when we give the fifa 17 coins ball to him, he can score. We have to avoid a simple clean sheet, we can do well on the defensive end. Therefore, we must concentrate, this will be the biggest challenge in the game.

On Kudiniao in the game back, when the comeback

The game with Manchester City is too early for Kudiniao, and Sunderland's coins fifa 17 game for him too early. Matip also can not play with Manchester City of the game.

Talking about whether the same as Guardiola to the scene to see the game to examine opponents

I have seen a lot of Manchester City game, but not at home in Manchester City. We have a lot of camera point of view of the game, analysis of the game, so that is not just cheap fifa 17 coins watching the game on the sofa.

In fact, the real problem is, every time when you go to the stadium to see the ball, it is always difficult to avoid being asked to photo, I look at home is also just fine. When I was young, unknown, every weekend game I will buy fifa 17 coins be inside the stadium to see.

Talking about Milner's left-back position

For us, some are very clear, if the player can accept such a position, things will become very good. The so-called live to old, learn old. Milner does not like this position, but we really like fifa 17 ps4 coins this player, so we will try everything to use him.

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