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As the BT sports soccer commentator, Kevin said

2017-03-17 14:35:00 | 日記
Arsenal accommodation: Wenger to consider their own future

Champions League 1/8 final first leg, Arsenal away 1-5 defeat in Bayern. After the game, Arsenal champion Kiyon fifa 17 xbox one coins bluntly, this embarrassing game may be overwhelmed by Professor Wenger's last straw, he will now seriously consider their own left Arsenal's problem.

As the BT sports soccer commentator, Kevin said, "Now I think for Wenger, it is really embarrassing, the opponent's performance is far better than they have been 20 years, and now Wenger must consider their own cheap fifa 17 coins future, because It's really embarrassing. "

"I will never say, 'I want Wenger to leave.' In football, he is almost my father, but he is a wise man, and this is the lowest fifa 17 ps4 coins point of his coaching career.

"I'm really a little worried about him, he will protect themselves up? I do not want him like a boxer, as in the fist stage suffered a lot of heavy fist, still managed to buy fifa 17 coins support, but he in Arsenal Has been working for 20 years, he certainly do not want to lose it.

"There is no doubt that, for Arsenal, he has been very outstanding, but now he is the lowest point of his career, it seems that this decision will be made after the end of the season, this fut 17 coins decision will not be made now , But will be made after the end of the season.

"I think he will make a decision in the evening after the team so embarrassing, the reality forced him to make fifa 17 xbox one coins a decision, you may be able to read out from his eyes some of what, though not willing, but he knew him Should give the pointer to someone else. "

"So many years, Arsenal have been training young people, has been waiting, but where the champion? 2006 Arsenal into the fifa 17 points Champions League final, since then, what happened? The team's performance is too pale and weak, fans Want the real championship. "

"The coach can leave at the right cheap fifa 17 coins time, it 's a wise thing, and I'm sure it' s what the Arsenal club is taking seriously.

For Arsenal's failure, former Manchester United defender Ferdinande said, "Bayern has invested more effort in the offensive end, Arsenal is difficult to deal with.Corschelne injury fate is an important factor."

"They seem to have no bones, no passion, no aggressiveness, really disappointed to buy fifa 17 coins see them fall into a struggle, lack of fighting, lack of leadership, lost direction, the important factor is the fate of Coase Czerny, after he end them It seems helpless. "
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