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Contaminated Forests  Igor Linkov and William R. Schell

2017-07-16 20:12:45 | 日記
Recent Developments in Risk Identification and Future Perspectives


Part1. Cintaminated Forests: Processes, Measurments and Methods
.Dynamics of Radionuclides in Semi-Natural Environments
.Dynamocs of Radionuclide Redistribution and Pathways in Forst
Environments: Long-Term Field Reasarch in Different Landscapes
.Use of Stable Elements for Predicting Transport
.Radiocapacity of Forest Ecosysrems
.Woody Biomass Production and Radiocaesium Accumulation Rate in Pine(Pinus Sylvestris L.) from a Contaminated Forest in the Vetka Area
.The Direction and Intensity of 137Cs Fluxes in Forest Ecosystems
.Peculiarities of 137Cs Vertical Migration in Pine Ecosystem with Stem Flow, Throughfall, Litterfall, and Infiltration
.Preparation of Soil Thin Sections for contaminant Distribution Studies
.Time-dependency of the Bioavaiability of Radiocaesium in Lakes and Forests
.Experimental Study and Prediction of Dissolved Radionuclide Wash-Off by Surface Runoff from Non-Agricultural Watersheds
.Behavior of 137Cs in Semi-Natural Ecosystems in Greece
.Study of Biodivesity in Natural Ecosystems of South Turkey
.Airborne Heavy Metals Over Europe: Emissons, Long-Range Transport and Deposition Fluxes to Natural Ecosystems
.Perspective in Forest Radioecology
(Report of the working group on measurement and data)

Part2. Radionuclide Fate and Transport Modeling
.Reducing Uncertainty in the Radionuclide Transport Modeling for the Chernobyl Forests Using Bayesian Updating
.Review of Forewst Models Developed after the Chernobyl NPP Accident
.The Rife Models of radionuclide Fluxes in european Forests
.Conceptual Overiew of Forestland-A Model to Interpret and Predict Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Radioactively Contamnated Forest
.Model Forestlife and Prediction of Radioactivity Contamination of Forests in Belarus
.Model for Predicting the Long-Term Radiocesium Contamination of Muhsrooms
. A Model for the Transfer and Recycling of 137Cs within a Deciduous Forest Ecosystem
. Modeling Intermittent Processes in Radionuclide Migration in Soil Systems
. Modelling of 137Cs Behaviour in Forest Game Food Chains
. Mapping of Radioactively Contaminated Territories with Geostatistics and Artificail Neural Networks
. Modeling of Radionuclides and Trace Elements in Forest Ecosustems
(Report of the Working Group)

Part3. Remedial Policies and Risk Assessment
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