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Got a "Ghost" Site No One Visits? Bring it Back to Life With Links!

2014-10-29 13:48:48 | 日記
Is yours one of the host of ghostly low-ranking sites that haunt the web? No one sees you, no one notices you. You're invisible. People walk right past you. Sometimes people walk through you! They must have made typos because they leave the moment they land.

Why? You've got a good-looking site, solid copy. You've nicely niched your business by service or locale or whatever. That site cost you time, labor and money. You built it and they did not come. It's enough to make you lose your faith in a movie slogan!

The Two "Hafta-Haves" of SEO

Hmm, well maybe your problem is SEO? Can't be, you say. You're optimized! You've got as many keywords as the Lost Dutchman Mine has gold nuggets.

Trouble is you're just as lost. If keywords aren't keeping you back, chances are you're not properly backlinked. That's the other half of SEO, just as important as keywords; some would say more.

(Okay, okay. search engine optimization is more complicated than keywords and backlinks, but not a lot -- at least for a small business. If this is a home-office project or the equivalent you can do much of this yourself -- or at least find out what you need.)

Web Word of Mouth

Back to backlinks. This is a two-minute article and we've got to keep focus. Let's assume your problem is backlinks. What are they?

You know what a link is, right? Well,"backlink" is just a term for a link to your site, to any page of your site from somebody else's site.

What makes them so important? Thank--or blame--the great Almighty Search Engine, (not its real name). Way back in another millennium linking is what distinguished Godlike's algorithm from Yahoo's and the rest. (Of course, now all the search engines count them.)

See, think of backlinks as web word-of-mouth. When sites sport your link, they're tacitly endorsing you. Enough links and you've got a propulsion that drives you up, up, up page rank.

Spreading the Word

So how do you get linked on other sites? There's lots of ways but there's no cheap one-stop solution. It will cost you: money if you hire someone, time & labor if you do it yourself.

But it's worth it. You won't see the difference immediately. It's gradual, but in a couple of months--depending on the number and quality of your backlinks--your tune will at least be on the charts, maybe even with a bullet.

Five Ways to Build Back-Links

We'll go over five ways to build links, with special attention to article submission. Why that? Well, it's one of the best ways and since I'm a copywriter it's my field of expertise. The other ways I know something about, but writing I know like the back of my hand (mainly because when I'm at the keyboard, mostly what I see is the back of my hands).

Four popular ways (in order of success):

5. BUY - There's guys out there selling links sites out of their car trunks. Avoid. What you get for your money is a bunch of landfills nobody visits. The search engine spiders place value on popular sites.

4. EXCHANGE - Trade links with friends and neighbors, or join an association and swap 'em. Helpful but problematic, quickly clutters your site. Yes, you can put everyone on a "links page," but that brings its own problems. Be prepared to say "no."

3. COMMENT POSTS - Make a comment on a popular blog and sign off with your link. Trouble is spammers do the same, so most blogs have "no-follow" instructions for search bots, i.e. your link won't influence your page rank. Somebody can still click and visit, but it won't help your visibility.

2. SOCIAL MEDIA - Definitely worth your while, but takes lots of attention. Lots. If you like taking care of three-year-olds, social media is for you.

And the Number One Way to Build Backlinks Is...

1. ARTICLE SUBMISSION - What this article is about. It's easy! And fun! Just write a short piece--600 to 800 words--on what you know, preferably something to do with your site. Work on it; make it as good as you can. Then submit it to the top content sites. Then do another. And another. Do at least a dozen.

Yes, I know. Hey! you say, "what are content sites? Where are content sites? Just how do you submit to content sites?"

And besides that, you can't write, or you hate to write, or you don't have time to write. "Do a dozen articles? Pal, you're outta your mind!"

Writing for Links? That Stinks!

Okay, so It's not fun and easy. And admittedly it certainly isn't fair. Good writing very likely has nothing to do with your business. People come to you to find a house, or get their teeth straightened, or do their taxes, not for "articles," for cryin' out loud!

You're absolutely right, but I didn't make the rules. Take your beef to Otherwise just accept it as part of the cost of doing business on the web. The good news is that if you can't write (or don't have time, etc), you can very likely afford to hire somebody who can. There's lots of content writers on the web. Some of them actually good.

Ernest Sharpe is a longtime copywriter. (Hey, did you notice how well this article was written? Organized, humorous, chrystal-clear. No misspellings, no grammactical errors, no phony word-fill to pad it out. --I can do that for you too.) Get smart. Get Sharpe.
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Kid's outdoor play equipment

2014-10-29 13:47:14 | 日記
Kids outdoor play equipment has progressed from basic swings, slides and monkey bars. Today, outdoor play equipment include things like walls for rock climbing, uniquely designed slides, tunnels that youngsters can crawl through, along with built in tree houses and play houses, telescopes and steering wheels.

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Additionally, you can actually design a unique installation which exclusively satisfies your family's particular wishes and needs. This specific layout may well incorporate playground equipment which is one of a kind; for instance swings for someone having special needs. Your only limits are the space readily available for the playground, the spending budget you set for your project, plus your imagination.

Kids outdoor play equipment has progressed from basic swings, slides and monkey bars. Today, outdoor play equipment include things like walls for rock climbing, uniquely designed slides, tunnels that youngsters can crawl through, along with built in tree houses and play houses, telescopes and steering wheels.

Outdoor play equipment manufacturers have done an excellent job of both entertaining youngsters as well as satisfying their intense curiosity.

Outdoor play products may be produced from a number of material varieties, including plastic, steel, aluminum, as well as wood. Play equipment available these days make use of a minimum amount of steel in their construction. Steel that is needed is frequently padded by using soft plastic material or rubber.

Redwood is by far the most well-liked wood for producing playground equipment. Redwood is usually chosen because it is sturdy and will support energetic youngsters; and also because it weathers much better than some other wood varieties.

Nowadays, many families will opt for modular outdoor play equipment. Deciding on modular play products makes it possible for men and women to decide on a variety of components in order to best complement the ages, interests as well as skills and health of their kids. Systems such as this, likewise makes it very simple to add or perhaps change modules or components over time; which will assist in always keeping the outdoor play equipment interesting to youngsters as they grow up.

For more information on Kid's outdoor play equipment you can visit our website

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Montgomery Hotels And Vacations

2014-10-29 13:47:14 | 日記
Montgomery is one tourist destination which has a myriad of sightseeing opportunities. Whether you are with friends, family or office colleagues you will find this place to cater to every taste! If you are worried about getting an accommodation here, then our guide on the best hotels in Montgomery will assist you.

Specialty museums

The Hank Williams museum is a historic museum which had been created in memory of the famous country musician Hank Williams Senior. There are plenty of artifacts, memorabilia as well as collectibles which showcase the life and times of this great musician. There is even a Cadillac belonging to 1952 inside which Williams died. If you want to save money even while staying in a good accommodation you can go for some Cheap Mongomery Hotels. To stay frugally you can avail many of the Budget Montgomery Hotel Rooms. They come at very reasonable rates and can save you lot of money.


The Montgomery zoo spans a massive 40 acres of land, is very beautiful and has a large variety of wildlife. There are over 700 different kinds of animals inside this zoo. You will also find the Bengal Tiger here as well as a nice fun train ride around the zoo area. This way you can get a view of the entire zoo and see the surroundings. There are plenty of nearby Montgomery Zoo Hotels that offer discounted rates and save you lots of money. If you have got your pet along during the vacation then you can stay at some Pet friendly hotels in Montgomery. These allow you to take your pets inside.


The Hank Williams Memorial – Oakwood Annex Cemetery contains the graves of the famous country music star Hank Williams Senior. His wife is also buried along with him inside this cemetery. It is beautiful and serene inside and if you have been a fan of this musician’s music, then this site will be a nice place to visit for you. There are many discounted Mongomery al vacations that will prove to be money savers! If you wish to prolong your stay in Montgomery then you can stay at some of the Extended stay motels.

Historic walkways

The Old Alabama Town is a great place to get a glimpse into the ancient times of Alabama. It is a depiction of the life and times during the 19th century. There are plenty of historic houses along this walkway as well as a church, schoolhouse, cotton gin and plenty more to see. You also get to see the huge disparity between the poor and the rich by means of a large lavish house to tiny huts. If you wish to enjoy comfortable and affordable stays then the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts Hotels are a good choice. If you wish to come away from the busy hustle bustle of city life then you can go for some Montgomery weekend getaways.


The Civil Rights Memorial is dedicated to those 40 people who died during the civil rights movement. It was during this time that Martin Luther King also died. There are many hotels in montgomery tx that come with discounted rates. In terms of accommodation even the hotels in montgomery ny are a good option.

For special deals and discounts on hotels, click on Discount Montgomery Hotels
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Acyclovir Cream For Cold Sore Treatment

2014-10-29 11:01:16 | 日記
Sexually transmitted diseases are the worst to handle as they are very contagious and produce annoying symptoms. Herpes is one of these sexually transmitted diseases. Cold sores are the characteristic symptom of this STD. These appear on the face as well as on the genitals. According to their occurrence herpes is divided into oral and genital herpes. Both are contagious and the sufferer should take extra precaution as he or she can spread herpes to others too. The symptoms of herpes vary from person to person. Cold sores are the prominent symptom and to treat cold sore; acyclovir cream is used widely. This skin disorder is treatable and you can live the normal life style once again. But you need to start cold sore treatment as early as possible. Herpes can reoccur and hence it is advisable to treat cold sores completely and after the treatment also take precautions to avoid the outbreak of the disease. A medicine such as Acyclovir cream which is available under the name of Generic Zovirax is useful.

The most common symptom of genital herpes is the cold sores. Genital herpes lesions can appear on the genitals, the anus or the surrounding areas such as the buttocks or thighs. These cold sores may appear in groups or may be alone. The size of these sores also varies. The outbreak is the period when the severity of the herpes symptom is maximum. The outbreak of the cold sores is usually painful and after bursting out the sores gets healed automatically. Other symptoms include an itching or irritating rash, and a tenderness, pressure or swelling in the groin area, or swollen glands or lymph nodes. You may also experience flu like symptoms such as fever and headaches, and possibly nausea, muscle soreness or tiredness, and aching joints or limbs. The cold sore treatment aims to reduce such symptoms and to provide quick relief from this condition. Acyclovir cream for herpes is most commonly used in the cold sore treatment. The sooner you recognize the symptoms and start to treat cold sore the quicker you get the result. Therefore early start of the cold sore treatment with drugs such as generic Zovirax is very important. Once you get succeed in reducing the symptoms or to treat cold sores, the chances of the outbreak of herpes decreases.

The symptoms of herpes such cold sores are very annoying but the good thing is that cold sore treatment can be done with several medications. Amongst the several treatment options available in the market, Acyclovir cream also known as Generic Zovirax is the most widely used and easy to apply. Though you can get Acyclovir cream for herpes at any local pharmacy or at online drug store; you need to consult a doctor first. Let your doctor diagnose the symptoms and let him or her prescribe the Acyclovir cream for herpes for you. It is always beneficial to take medicine under medical supervision so that adverse effects can be avoided or if they occurred than they can be treated. Generic Zovirax is the best cold sore treatment available. It is widely used to treat cold sores

Its easy to buy Acyclovir cream
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What Are the Best Educational Toys For Your Child?

2014-10-29 11:01:15 | 日記
You want the best for your child, right? When choosing educational toys for your child, you also want to select ones that will benefit your child the most. The problem is that the "best" educational toys can meet different criteria for different children. Here are some features that you should consider in your quest for finding toys that will teach your child effectively and responsibly:

1.Educational toys that maintain your child's health and safety

It's crucial to keep your child safe while he or she is learning via educational toys. This is true of both "traditional" toys and high-tech ones. Ensure that toys are made of safe materials that lack parts and chemicals that could be harmful to your child. Plastics should be of a particular concern. While today's toy companies often use cheap plastics to cut their production costs, experts have linked some of the chemicals used in these toys to serious illness.

2. Educational toys that are effective

By definition, educational toys should teach. Unfortunately, some toys don't teach effectively, and some don't teach at all! So look for educational toys that boost your child's knowledge base and can do so efficiently. Unfortunately, too often we don't learn how ineffective a toy is, until after we've spent a small fortune on it. So do your homework before buying educational toys for your tot. Read reviews and ask your friends and relatives which toys have been most effective for their own children. As a word of caution, keep in mind that many so-called "educational" toys are quite entertaining, but don't actually teach anything.

3. Educational toys that are age-specific

Yes, some children's physical and cognitive development is faster or slower than the rate that's typical for kids their age. But generally children arrive at certain developmental milestones, at roughly the same time. So look for toys that are designed for specific age groups. This will help to maximise a toy's learning potential for your child. You can usually find these recommendations printed on the toy's packaging.

4. Educational toys that are fun.

Unfortunately, many of us have been conditioned to believe that learning can't be fun. Well, it CAN be! If your child is having fun while learning, then his or her motivational level will be optimized, thus optimizing how much learning occurs. From building blocks to educational software, if children are having fun, then they'll stay engaged in the activities. Meanwhile, if toys are boring then your child will likely set them aside just as they would other "not fun" toys.

5. Educational toys that are eco-friendly.

Look for toys that can be partially or fully recycled. Too many toys end up in landfills, where they emit chemicals that are harmful to the environment and the people in it. By choosing toys that can be recycled, you're not only benefiting your children, but also the world at large.

Finding the "best" educational toy will require you to do your homework. But the end result is that your child will learn, and that learning won't just benefit him or her.

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For childrens educational toys, he recommends, providers of traditional innovative toys.
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