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How to undelete files?

2013-09-23 15:29:08 | 日記




Are you crying that you just lost some files?

Did you worried about the deleted files recovery?

How to recover deleted files?


No rush, Android File Recovery Pro will help you to recover files.

Android File Recovery Pro is professional file recovery that can quickly and effectively recover files from Android.

You can know through its name that it can also recover Android which means smart cell phone and other devices which has Android system.


Android File Recovery can also support computers, laptops, desktops, so many memory card including SD card, CF card, SDHC card, and as many as you can imagine.


Android File Recovery has many powerful functions and features that other file recovery may not have:

Preview recovery: you can get to see the deleted photos and files and choose ones you want to undelete.


Batch recovery: this means that you can restore multiple files once. It is time-saving.

Simple and Interactive GUI: The software can be easily used by any user. Even you are a computer novice or a child, an old man you can always operate it just with several clicks.

How to undelete files?

Run Android File Recovery.

Click Scan and choose what files you want to recover.

Click Repair and everything will be back.



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