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All the major design advancements on vacuum cleaners up

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and was now starting to run into bad times. Along with this offer he built up a local then a national network of retailers who would promote the 10 day offer and within the first year had sold nearly 400 machines.The Hoover companies origins date way back to 1827 with Henry Hoover opening a tannery business close to Canton, Ohio and it was not until the early 1900s before a move into household appliances would begin. They brought in the first brush roll which was helped to loosen dirt in a carpet and later added the beater bar to it to increase the vibration to loosen even well lodged dirt.

James Spangler had a cousin Susan to whom he gave a machine who was married to W.H. Using it at her home she showed it to her husband and he immediately saw the potential in it and done a deal with James to buy the patent from him and keep him on as a partner in a new company. advertised a free 10 day trial offer to anyone who was interested. What he did was invent the first vacuum cleaner by first attaching an electric fan to his sweeper and finding that it would suck up dirt as it moved along.

All the major design advancements on vacuum cleaners up until the Second World War were all made by Hoover keeping them in front of their competitors every year. James Murray Spangler was a janitor in a Canton department store and was an asthma sufferer who in 1907 decided that the dust from his sweeping made his asthma worse and was going to do something about it. He bettered his design and got a patent for it and with his son started to produce the Electric Suction Sweeper but struggled to produce even 3 machines a week. Another first by hoover were the introduction of a headlamp on the hoover to see in dim corners and under furniture.H.

To promote this completely new and unknown product in 1908 when he first set up business Electric Scooters Factory W. In 1919 the company opened a British factory in Perivale, Middlesex under a separate name Hoover Limited and this company was managed separately from the parent company. The next stage in his invention was to build a test machine that could catch and hold the dirt and he achieved this by assembling together a soap box containing a fan and electric motor with a broom handle and a pillow case to hold the dirt. James Spangler made several more designs all of which were patented before his death in 1915 only five years after the company started.

.H. Hoover also got the first patent for a self propelling control device granted in 1936.Hoover a son of Henry Hoover who opened the tannery in 1827 which was today run by W. The company continued to expand its operation abroad with Britain and most of Europe having Hoover retailers by 1912. The Electric Suction Sweeper Co as it was called started in the tannery with six workers and in December 1910 became the Hoover Suction Sweeper Co.
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