Go! Taiwan Baseball!

台灣棒球加油!! This blog started as "留言 to 亞運中華棒球代表隊 in Doha!"



Asian Games in Gungzhou 2010

2010-11-19 21:52:09 | Asian Games 2010
The roster of Taiwan. The games are held in Nov. 2010. # Name Birth Date 3 YEH Chih Shien 17/01/1959 88 KUO Tai Yuan 20/03/1962 6 CHEN Wei Chen 24/05/1966 32 KUNG J . . . Read more

Ni Fute's second win cheered me up!

2009-05-04 15:47:53 | MiLB
I woke up at around 2:30 a.m. to watch a Red Sox game today. Penny pitched so well but without run support and other poor fielding, Sox was beaten by Tampa Bay. It is tougher to be awake in the midnig . . . Read more

Cheng Kai-Wen no runs for six innings

2009-04-26 21:01:49 | CPBL 2009
The Taiwanese rookie pitcher of Hanshin Tigers, Cheng Kai-Wen took his first mound today. Unfortunately, the team could not win but he did not allow any runs for six innings. Hanshin Tigers 1 : 2 Hir . . . Read more

First pitch and first win of Ni Fu-Te

2009-04-16 21:46:49 | MiLB
Toledo Mud Hens @ Indianapolis Indians on Apr. 9th 2009Finally, the photos got available. He is tall and looks so good!! Updated on Apr. 16thNi Fu-Te took a mound as a second pitcher on Apr. 9th (EST) . . . Read more

Itsuki Shoda, Sinon Bulls

2009-04-05 14:53:04 | CPBL 2009
I was watching both CPBL games in Tianmu and Taichung. Itsuki Shoda was the starting pitcher of Bulls. He failed to win the opening game but he successfully cleaned his image with the great pitching y . . . Read more