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Fieldwork812.  朧霞の京の街 ver2.

2023年07月17日 | field work


(In english)
I am writing today's blog on April 22nd. It will be uploaded on July 17th. It's the day of the Kyoto Gion Festival Yamahoko Cruise. I don't want to shoot Yamahoko in such a crowd.
Still, there is a way to take a picture of the starting point of the rope from the Takase River, and then take a picture of the front of the cruise at Miike. is an almost impossible social tendency. It's a cruise without any regulation after corona. Visitors will flock from all over the country.
I uploaded information about the Gion Festival on June 24th on this blog, so please excuse me for that. If I were to go to a festival, I would think that it would be a spectacle with a fan in a yukata.
Going back to the topic, the gimbal used in the video is also working as intended. Even so, what is the sleep mark that suddenly appears? The gimbal doesn't work when this happens. So I have to turn it off and restart it. I made 200 videos to learn how to operate the gimbal, so suspicious movements would have been greatly reduced. It can be said that I am making videos to learn how to operate the gimbal.

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