Bring On The Rain

Bring On The Rain

He loves us all

2013-05-05 15:44:35 | diary

i have made known my views on "marriage equality" for the very reason that i am ALLOWED to make known my views on "marriage equality".

i have the freedom to live out my faith, and i have freedom of speech. both protected under the constitution of the u.s.

although claiming that they only want "equal protection" under the law, the homsexual activists have another agenda. they are after a complete alteration of american society. they want to "alter" our society to fit their homosexual view of sex, marriage, and family online marketing.

a couple glimpses into the minds of the activists (i picked the most radical i could find as examples)

*sept. 1987 magazine article quotes steve warren (representing the group ACTUP at the time) as calling christian morality "mean spirited" and promising that luxury brand

"we are going to force you (christians) to recant everything you've believed or said about sexuality."

*paula ethelbrick of an international activist group has stated that they want to transform the very fabric of society to radically re-order societies view of reality.

and you wonder why christians have reason to push back?

the church is seen as the main obstacle to a "wholesale acceptance" of the homosexual agenda. they (activists) know that to be able to accomplish this they must shift our countries cultural foundation from a judeo-christian worldview to something else garage storage.

because the church stands in the way it must be portrayed as self-righteous, bigotted, and hate-filled. the holdouts must be vilified. yes, i use that word a lot.

they say they don't want to restrict our religious freedoms. that is not to be believed or trusted. consider these examples of people persecuted for their deeply held, scripturally based convictions

(these are just the few that have gotten the most press, every day in the news there are more)

*wildflower inn in lyndonville, vt. owned by a christian family. sued by a lesbian couple from nyc for refusing to host their "wedding" paid a large fine.

*masterpiece cake shop in lakewood colorado christian owned. has been harassed, intimidated, and picketed for refusing to make a "wedding" cake for a gay "marriage" the owner is quoted as saying "i will close this business down before i go against my beliefs."

*Elaine Higuenin, a wedding photograher in albequerque nm was found "guilty" of discrimination for refusing to photograph a same sex wedding because it was not in line with her christian beliefs.

you see, there is a remnant of true believers who will refuse to bow down to the gods of this world. they will refuse to be silent in regards to their faith in the God of Abraham. It is more than important to them. they have the spirit of God living within them. they can do nothing less than love and serve Him above all else. and because they love and serve a risen saviour, they also care about their neighbors. they know the Truth and are commanded to share it. God does not want anyone to be lost. He loves us all.

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