Bring On The Rain

Bring On The Rain



Out and out

2013-12-02 11:05:19 | love

I don't know accustomed to this day when, I also know that when a person is now on his own adaptation of environment can be mapped out his life journeyLocal Express, I do not want to own this life was fixed, sometimes feels he has two hearts, their pursuit of always walk in two extreme there is contradiction, grow with each passing day, so they have the tired one day tired, so they have the tired one day but could not bear to sleep let thoughts spread in the text are complex. Maybe one day I will be very tired, but I don't want to give anyone to talk about, I want to know, do not speak, do not mind; not in pain, do not feel; no tears, not necessarily no scarsCanadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration...

Always want to pick up a paintbrush, that his heart thought painting into the eternal, ever be reduced to fragments have put my courage is exhausted, so stiff back, no expression, I already did not have the strength to give life more color, I took the story of people walking, as if still picture yesterday, has been drifting away, I stand at the time of the waves think everything can be placed on the foot, but found that it has my eyes moispolo shirts for men.

Drink a cup of years of injury, shallow drunk in the leaves of old village, these years also in the years of erosion in slowly toward those years, years of shallow line, a residual incense left empty, it is a kind of precipitation memory fragrance. Float time corner, continue to choose stray his aloof and proud, across a field by a water moon flower dream, my mind has been on the wane, my time is old. The sky is not the world, my world, time stamp, is not I can about the flowers in bloom, a season season reincarnation, my youth has come, my youth has fallen. I have outlined in this life but faltering footprints, with wonderful life and wandering, in the reincarnation of the vicissitudes of life, find yourself a quiet.

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