Bring On The Rain

Bring On The Rain


2013-11-01 11:20:02 | love

She is like a glass, transparent penetrating net. Eyes black and pure. Sunshine and sweet smile. That year she, also is not the world's chains, has not been water led to walk. Dare in the classroom of high raise their hands to answer the teacher's questions, even if his answer is wrong. Walking can also be a skip and a jump, laugh meixinmeifei. At that time, she's only a girl. Pure and beautifulmodular cubes store.

The peach blossom in the spring, the summer of cicada, autumn leaves, winter snow. A symbol that is just a season. And now, white peach, shelling MAEMI, yellow leaves falling snowcovers for samsung galaxy, cold, without a memory medium. And sorrow. The girl when she never thought of world all these simple things will become so existence. Completely changed the original appearance. She did not understand. Every bounce tap to go to school, to answer the teacher's question, get good grades, a bird called a wind on the way home, my parents prepared delicious meals, occasionally to eat snacks. These are the girls heart the most happy is the happiestfashion men clothing wholesale.

At this time, the world is full of rule bound people, everywhere is swim body, full of eyes hollow body. The soul drifting, empty eyes blurred, language, misconduct. The majority of people, is in a circle or box, no step will go wrong, can be simple to see at the end of this life. At this time, the girl also grew up to be a woman. The change of one word, but it makes the body, mind, soul, entirely different. There will always be people from time to time to tell her this is life. Woman,. This is life. Life in the life, it is life.

Every woman heart will have a girl. All is not happy, girls, not remember.

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