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Passed 70-486 with Microsoft 70-486 simulation questions

2018-02-28 09:11:05 | Microsoft
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Share some MCSD 70-486 exam questions and answers below.
You need to implement the business requirements for managing customer data.
What should you do? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.)
A. Add a class named Customer-Controller to the Controllers folder. Then add a method named Edit to the class.
B. Create a new controller named Administration in the Controllers folder. Add an action named EditCustomer to the controller.
C. Add a folder named Customer to the Views folder. Then create a view inside this folder named Edit.aspx.
D. Create a new folder named EditCustomer to the Views folder. In the new folder, create a new file named Administration.aspx.
Answer: A, B

You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application to be used on the Internet. The environment uses Active Directory with delegation to access secure resources. Users must be able to log on to the application to maintain their personal preferences. You need to use the least amount of development effort to enable users to log on.What should you do?
A. Enable Forms authentication
B. Enable Windows authentication
C. Generate server SSL certificates and install them in IIS
D. Enable Digest authentication
Answer: B

You are designing an MVC web application. The view must be as simple as possible for designers who do not have a technical background. You need to combine two existing models to meet the requirement.Which component of the MVC framework should you use?
A. View
B. View Model
C. Controller
D. Model
Answer: B

When users attempt to retrieve a product from the product page, a run-time exception occurs if the product does not exist.
You need to route the exception to the CustomException.aspx page.
Which method should you add to MvcApplication?
A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Answer: B

24 .You updated the web.config file with the HTTP run-time value required to display an alternative version of the site.
You need to ensure that the correct page displays to the users.
Which code segment should you use to update the controller?
A. If (Request.IsTabletDevice)
B. If (Request.Browser.IsBrowser("Mobile"))
C. If (Request.UserAgent["Tablet"])
D. If (Request.Browser.IsMobileDevice)
Answer: D

You are designing a data-oriented application that features a variety of storage schemas. The application object model must be mapped to the various storage schemas. You need to enable developers to manipulate the data.Which ADO.NET data access strategy should you use? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.)
B. Entity Framework
C. DataAdapter
D. DataReader
Answer: A, B, C

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[2018 Passtcert] Cisco certification 400-201 exam answers

2018-02-26 11:42:43 | Cisco
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Share some CCIE 400-201 exam questions and answers below.
In the MVPN profile 3 (Rosen GRE with BGP-AS), which information is included inside of the opaque value?
A. Type 2- Root Address: VPN-ID; 0-n
B. Type 1-source-PE: Global-ID
D. Not applicable for this profile
Answer: D

Which two options are characteristics of MoFRR? (Choose two)
A. Uses additional PIM join toward source
B. Based on multicast forward error correction feature
C. Based on PIM Fast Route
D. Requires MPLS TE FRR enabled with link protection and node protection
E. Utilizes two equal-cost paths toward source
Answer: A, E

Which two BGP mechanisms solve the full-mesh paradigm? (Choose two)
A. Confederation
B. Router policy filtering
C. Hierarchical VPLS
E. Route reflectors
F. BGP link state
G. Community SOO
Answer: A, E

REP has been deployed in a segment. A network operations engineer notices that a segment port does not become operational.
What is the root cause of this issue?
A. A neighbor is using a different port ID
B. A local port is in alternate port state
C. A neighbor port is in blocked state
D. More than one neighbor has the same segment ID
Answer: D

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Release Oracle 1Z0-477 exam dumps

2018-02-24 15:21:01 | Oracle
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Release EMC E20-920 exam answers

2018-02-23 11:46:41 | EMC
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Share some Cloud Architect (EMCCA) E20-920 exam questions and answers below.
You have been asked by a company to help drive IT efficiency, focusing specifically on direct, short-term activities. What would you recommend?
A. Begin development of a self-service portal for the business to develop and deploy applications
B. Attempt to consolidate vendors of hardware and software running in the environment by simplifying workloads
C. Identify applications with workloads that run infrequently or that require boutique services for migration to the cloud
D. Initiate a cloud comparison initiative to compare the price of competing cloud alternatives
Answer: C

An IT organization for a medium sized grocery retailer is considering adopting ITaaS. As a first step, they performed an inventory of all existing IT capabilities to determine the ones that could be offered as stand-alone services to their lines of business through a service catalog.As a cloud architect on the IT team, what would you recommend?
A. Patch Management
B. Authentication
C. Network
D. Storage
Answer: A

A company is in the process of utilizing exposed cloud computing APIs in order to access database, storage, and e-commerce capabilities for their cloud applications. Which type of APIs are these?
A. Infrastructure
B. Service
C. Application
D. Configuration.
Answer: C

A company has an IT organization that is separated into teams that support different underlying technologies. Each team has its own budget and manages its own tools. They have a clear understanding of current performance, capacity, and events. Team response to assigned help desk tickets is satisfactory.The company intends to deploy a private cloud and provide services to internal customers. What service operation management challenge may this company face?
A. Inability to provide accurate pricing models
B. Inability to calculate fixed costs
C. Time consuming root cause analysis
D. Lack of control over service placement
Answer: D

An organization is deploying services in a private cloud. Consumers are calling IT because they are seeing performance issues within the deployed services. How should IT troubleshoot and identify these performance issues?
A. Cloud administrator uses the monitoring tools
B. Service manager uses the monitoring tools
C. Cloud architect uses the metering tools
D. Cloud administrator uses the metering tools
Answer: B

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Prepare A00-211 with SAS Institute certification A00-211 exam answers

2018-02-11 15:51:50 | SAS Institute
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Share some SAS Institute Systems Certification A00-211 exam questions and answers below.
Given the raw data file YEARAMT:

What is the value of the variable TOTQUANTITY IN thesecond observaion?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 3
D. (missing numeric)

Given the raw data file FURNITURE:

A. table
B. , (comma)
C. ,(missing numeric value)
D.¡±(missing character value)
Answer: D

The data set WORK.REALESTATE has the variable LocalFee with a format of 9. and a variable CountryFee with a format of 7;
The following SAS program is submitted:
Format LocalFee CountryFee precent7.2;
LocalFee= LocalFee/100;
CountryFee= CountryFee/100;
What are the formats of the variables LOCALFEE and COUNTRYFEE in the output dataset?
A. LocalFee has format of 9. and CountryFee has a format of 7.
B. LocalFee has format of 9. and CountryFee has a format of percent7.2
C. Both LocalFee and CountryFee have a format of percent7.2
D. The data step fails exacution; there is no format for LocalFee.
Answer: C

The following SAS program is submitted:
data _ null_;
set old ;
put sales 1 sales
where is the output written?
A. to the SAS log the SAS data set_NULL_ the SAS output window or to an output file the raw data file that was most recently opened
Answer: A

Given the SAS data set ONE:
1 A 27
1A 33
1B 45
2A 52
2B 69
3B 70
4A 82
4C 91
The following SAS program is submiitted:
data two;
set one;
bBy x y;
If first.y;
proc print data =two noobs;
Which report is produced?
A. X Y Z
1A 27
1B 45
2A 52
2B 69
3B 70
4A 82
4C 91
B. X Y Z
1A 33
1B 45
2A 52
2B 69
3B 70
4A 82
4C 91
C. X Y Z
1B 45
2A 52
2B 69
3B 70
4A 82
4C 91
D. The PRINT procedure fails because the data set TWO is not created in the DATA step.
Answer: A

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