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2018 Passed with Cisco 200-150 DCICN questions and answers

2018-04-12 11:59:02 | Cisco
200-150 Study Guides

Cisco 200-150 exam certification is one of the most valuable contemporary of many exam certification. In recent decades, computer science education has been a concern of the vast majority of people around the world. It is a necessary part of the IT field of information technology. So IT professionals to enhance their knowledge through Cisco 200-150 exam certification. But pass this test will not be easy. So Passtcert Cisco 200-150 DCICN questions and answers is what they indispensable.

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Which type of media uses electromagnetic waves that are generated by lasers, is often used in campus backbones, and is capable of transmitting to a distance of 60 kilometers?
A. shielded twisted-pair cable
B. coaxial cable
C. multimode fiber-optic cable
D. single-mode fiber-optic cable
Answer: C

A network engineer wants to apply for new license key file. Which command should be used to obtain the switch serial number?
A. MDS-A# show license serial-number
B. MDS-A# show running-config I include serial-number
C. MDS-A# show host-id
D. MDS-A# show license host-id
Answer: D

What layer of the OSI Model provides the logical addressing that routers use for path determination?
A. transport
B. network
C. application
D. presentation
Answer: B

Which two options are multicast addresses? (Choose two.)
A. FD00::2
C. FF05::2
Answer: CE

Which two options describe Junctions of the data center aggregation layer? (Choose two)
A. services layer
B. high-speed packet switching O repeater
C. access control
D. QoS marking
Answer: AC

Passtcert Cisco 200-150 DCICN questions and answers
We can make you pay a minimum of effort to get the greatest success.IT industry is growing very rapidly in the past few years, so a lot of people start to learn IT knowledge, so that keep them for future success efforts. Cisco 200-150 certification exam is essential certification of the IT industry, many people frustrated by this certification. Today, I will tell you a good way to pass the exam which is to choose Passtcert Cisco 200-150 DCICN questions and answers.
CCNA Data Center 200-150 Outline
Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking 200-150 DCICN exam tests your knowledge of data center physical infrastructure, data center networking concepts, and data center storage networking. Used Passtcert 200-150 DCICN exam dumps to prepare the test.
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Want to know more features of Passtcert Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking 200-150? You can view Passtcert Cisco 200-150 DCICN questions and answers video.

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Pass 200-150 with Cisco 200-150 DCICN questions and answers
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