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Netapp NCDA ONTAP NS0-159 simulation questions | Passtcert

2018-07-19 09:42:37 | Netapp

Valid Passtcert NS0-159 Exam

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Useful Netapp NCDA ONTAP NS0-159 simulation questions

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Valid Network Appliance NS0-159 Questions
What are the three types of resources supported by Logical interfaces?(Choose three.)
C.failover groups
F.Interface groups
Answer: B F H

You have multiple volumes that are exported to a group of hosts within your environment. A new host needs access to the volumes. Which two actions accomplish this task?(Choose two.)
A.Create a rule in the export policy on the SVM.
B.Mount the new exports from the host.
C.Create a new SVM.
D.Create a new data LIF on the SVM.
Answer:A B

What is the maximum number of nodes a SAN cluster in DOT 8.1 can have?Choose one:

You must monitor user login messages on your clustered Data ONTAP storage. Which tool provides a graphical user interface to view “unsuccessful login attempt” messages?Choose one:
A.On Command System Manager
B.On Command Insight
C.On Command log Manager
D.On Command Workflow Automation

An administrator enabled the iSCSI protocol on an SVM and created a LUN for a Windows 2016 system. After rescan, the LUN is not visible on the host.Which two steps must the administrator take to solve this problem?(Choose two.)
A.Create an initiator group (igroup), add the iSCSI IQN, and map the igroup to the LUN.
B.Disable the ALUA support from the host for the LUN.
C.Configure the iSCSI service on the Windows 2016 system.
D.Create an initiator group (igroup), add the WWPN of the host initiator, and then map the igroup to the LUN.
Answer:A C

Netapp NCDA ONTAP NS0-159 simulation questions From Passtcert

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