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Share some Veritas Certified Specialist (VCS) VCS-274 exam questions and answers below.
A NetBackup administrator configures a policy to perform file system backups of multiple client systems using the Allow multiple data streams feature. All other policy attributes are at default settings. Which Master Server parameter must be configured to enable the backup jobs from a client to run concurrently?
A. Target storage unit: Maximum concurrent jobs
B. Global Attributes: Maximum jobs per client
C. Client Attributes: Maximum data streams
D. Target storage unit: Enable multiplexing
Answer: B

Weekly full backups run for clientA on master1 using a storage unit that belongs to medial. The administrator is required to retain clientA's full backups for a period of four months. When the administrator modifies the Full schedule, four months is missing from the selection list. Where should the administrator add the four-month retention period under Host Properties?
A. Master Servers > master1 > Retention Periods
B. Clients> clientA > Global Attributes
C. Media Servers > medial > Retention Periods
D. Master Servers > master1 > Global Attributes
Answer: A

An administrator needs to prevent users on all client systems from performing user-directed restores while ensuring they are able to view the contents of all previous backup images. What should the administrator configure to accomplish this goal?
A. enable the Master Server Host Property - Browse timeframe for restores
B. enable the Master Server Host Property for clients listed in the Client Attribute - Allow browse
C. de-select the "Allow server file writes" parameter in the Host Properties of the Master Server
D. de-select the "Allow client restore" parameter in the Host Properties of the Master Server
Answer: D

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