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18% OFF | Veritas VCS-257 simulation questions

2018-01-22 16:27:08 | Veritas
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Share some Veritas Certified Professional (VCP) VCS-257 exam questions and answers below.
An organization is trading in an array and needs to securely clean file system data.Which command should the administrator use to shred the data?
A. vxdisk
B. vxdiskunsetup
C. vxdiskadm
D. vxdiskconfig
Answer: B

Which two commands are used to configure the site awareness feature? (Select two.)
A. vxmirror
B. vxdctl
C. vxevac
D. vxdg
E. vxrelayout
Answer: B,D

A snapshot is created using the command vxassist snapstart and successfully completes. The server is subsequently rebooted.What is the snapshot plex state after the server has come completely online?
Answer: C

Which command should an administrator use to temporarily stop the online relayout operation tagged as “newlayout”?
A. vxtask stop newlayout
B. vxtask pause newlayout
C. vxrelayout –g mydg stop newlayout
D. vxlrelayout –g mydg pause newlayout
Answer: B

A volume that contains strictly two data plexes and has four subdisks in each plex can have which two types of layouts? (Select two.)
A. concat-mirror
B. stripe-mirror
C. stripe with parity
D. mirror-concat
E. mirror-stripe
Answer: D,E

Which command configured a disk for use by InfoScale Storage for UNIX?
A. vxdiskconfig
B. vxdisksetup
C. vxdg
D. vxdmpadm
Answer: B

Which object is stored in the private region of a Veritas Volume Manager disk?
A. File Change Log
B. FastResync maps
C. Configuration database
D. Storage Replicator Log
Answer: C

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