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It once seemed likely that Buynba2k

2017-05-15 11:29:14 | buynba2k
It once seemed likely that Conley would re-up on a max deal in Memphis. After the Grizzlies fell apart down the stretch — just barely making the playoffs — as Marc Gasol, Conley and NBA 2K18 MT Coins about every other full-time Grizzly suffered injuries, we’re not so sure. (Firing Dave Joerger after the season may or may not impact Conley’s decision, too.)Conley figures to be a top target for the Spurs, the Bucks, the Mavericks, the

Rockets and perhaps a few other teams. The Grizzlies are the favorite because of his long tenure and the extra guaranteed year Memphis can offer. But he just might be attainable 4 years, $113 million with the CelticsHorford just turned 30, but he doesn't have tons of mileage due to a longer college career and some injuries in the pros.

He's a defensive maestro and a really solid offensive player that doesn't dominate in the lane but makes everything easier for his teammates nonetheless. He's Tim Duncan light. (Like, really light, but still.)I'm convinced Miami will make a play for Horford if Durant doesn't make the jump. The Warriors, Blazers, Spurs and Mavericks figure to be in the mix. Phoenix would be an intriguing destination if not for

Tyson Chandler’s presence. The Wizards should be pounding down Horford’s door.Horford seems perfectly comfortable winning lots of games in Atlanta, but to be honest, the long-term viability of Cheap NBA Live Coins the roster is a question mark. Paul Millsap and Kyle Korver are in their 30s, Jeff Teague is gone and his ascending heir Dennis Schroeder is still batting to win Mike Budenholzer's trust. Few lawns are greener than what

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