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2017-04-19 11:19:30 | buynba2k
Someone has written the equivalent of a small novel about their time spent playing Far Cry 2 in an ‘ironmode’ style. Why would anyone ever do such a thing? Elsewhere in video game blogs, Dan Bruno this week has an alternative take on genre, positing that “a video game genre elucidates how and where a gamer’s skills will NBA Live Mobile Coins transfer between similar titles.” An interesting way of looking at it. Let’s get a pool going – when will the next

TWIVGB without a post about Dragon Age: Origins be? Not this week, as Denis Farr in his GayGamer column writes about “Romancing Zevran” in a discussion of the romantic options for gay male characters in Dragon Age: Origins.Jim Rossignol pointed out this week that zombies are getting a bit passe as generic ‘guilt free’ videogame enemies. His half-serious suggestion is that giant robots could be the next big thing, but my money is on aliens coming back into fashion.

Maybe we could get a second pool going? If you’ll recall, last week I mentioned that the new blog Borderhouse was one to watch. For those of us watching they certainly haven’t disappointed, coming up with a plethora of interesting things to read this week. Here’s one, taking a look at the phenomena of the platemail bikini, but there’s a bunch more also worth taking a look at. Cary at the 'Play Like A Girl' blog saw an allegedly questionable advertisement by

Sony for Uncharted 2, and was quite annoyed with it. She says: “…No, this is not the most horrible commercial in the world but it is an enforcement of some very strong and very persistent stereotypes. All Buy NBA 2K18 MT I'm saying is, life's good outside of the mold.”Dan Kline writes about replayability, and how most definitions of ‘game’ don’t come close to mentioning that a game must be “replayable” -- and yet he rightly notes that many people consider it an important part of what makes a good game.
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