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Dwight HowardDate to Buynba2k

2017-06-24 11:09:11 | buynba2k
Dwight HowardDate: Feb. 28 I find it fitting that the most immature (or at least most juvenile) player in the NBA is wearing a compression undershirt for his NBA Live Coins shoulder injury, as now he just straight-up looks like an 18-year-old college kid. Especially on plays like this.Don't sleep on Nikola Pekovic and his "nuh-uh I ain't touch him NOT IT" sell of Dwight just flubbing everything.This is a good time to remind everyone that basketball players are enormous giants and that anything they do off the basketball court looks insanely awkward, because the world just isn't built for them.

If you observed the average seven-foot-tall dude like, making a sandwich or something, it looks like a bear trying to solve a Rubik's Cube. Sometimes that awkwardness translates to the court, like in the above image. Most of us can't fathom being that size. Imagine if you were somehow instantly transported into Dwight's body. You wouldn't be able to do a damn thing. You'd be lucky to look like him on this attempted layup, but you'd also be screaming HOW DOES MY BODY WORK OH GOD the entire time.What I'm saying is that Dwight Howard is a hero. How dare you laugh at him.Worst AirballPlayer

Dorell WrightDate: Feb. 28 lol where is that even goingWorst AwarenessPlayer: Danilo GallinariDate: March 1 (Click to animate)To be fair, Kenneth Faried deserves some of this blame for his lackadaisical-ass inbound pass, but COME ON, Danilo. What did you THINK was gonna happen? WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS HITTING YOUR FOOT? You feel something hit your foot, you look over and SEE a basketball rolling slowly away from you. DO SOME ON-THE-FLY PROBLEM-SOLVING.Instead, Danilo opts for the "huh? wuzzat? zat even legal? c'mon ref what" approach.

That approach don't work, bro. Stop being terrible at things. Also of note: three Nuggets are involved here. Two of them see the ball hit Danilo's foot. Three of them see the ball roll away. All of them do nothing.Worst Punch in the JibbliesPlayer: Serge IbakaDate: March 3 Lots of people hate Blake Griffin. They hate his floppery, or they hate his attitude, or his KIA commercials, or whatever. Lots of people wish for bad things to happen to Blake Griffin. Probably none of those people were hoping for Buy NBA 2K18 MT him to get straight-up karate-chopped in the

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