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Costa's successor for these Buynba2k

2017-05-08 11:29:43 | buynba2k
Costa's successor for these or true or false statement, Wenger has responded to: "this season I may have used Gulu too much, and he has room to rise, but perhaps another shooter to NBA Live Coins share for him, they can complement each other, and now I do not know who will be pushed to the transfer market. "Arsenal official website announced today that the team striker Germans Podolski was elected April Arsenal club player in the Arsenal official website of the voting activities

Ji Lu single shot two consecutive shot was Kruul rescued, The two teams in the history of a total of 172 times played against, Arsenal 69 wins and 38 draws and 65 losses slightly on the upper hand, nearly four times to keep the gunmen to win.As Everton this round upset The enemy of Southampton, the campaign became Arsenal fight four key battle.New card before the campaign was ranked ninth in the league, there is no relegation pressure, can be described as no desire .

In this game, in addition to injury due to the absence of Kyrgyzstan Buss, Arsenal discharged the entire lineup, the last round of the performance of the stunning Ramsay is still starting, and magpie coach Paco in the suspension of seven games finally to return to the opening 15 minutes before the two teams are still in the test phase, and

Did not create a threat to the opportunity of the first 16 minutes, Ramsay dribbling straight after the cross, Giro adjusted slightly slower, was William down to the ball to Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins shovel.On just a minute, Cazorla left, Ruhr single fist hit the ball, Podolski The first 20 minutes, Dumet after field long pass, the Sissoko ball points out of Mertesacker after the right foot Tuishe missed the first 25 minutes, Cazorla out before the field free kick
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