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Green tea in Thailand

2022-08-13 08:59:29 | 日記
Hi there! Jun Tomioka again!

I found an interesting article in a newspaper.

In 2014, Maruzen Tea Company set up a joint venture with Singha Group
which is the biggest beer company in Thailand.
Since then, they have been producing and selling Japanese green tea
in Thailand.

Since Japanese food is popular in Thailand, the demand of
green tea is increasing. However, imported green tea is
expensive. So, Maruzen Tea Company had an idea to produce
and sell green tea locally.

Since the environment is different between Japan and Thailand,
They had a lot of trouble at first, but they made their efforts
to overcome them and their business is going well now.

I like Japanese green tea, but it is not so popular in the world.
I would be happy if it will become popular thanks to Japanese
Agriculture companies’ efforts.

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