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To all tourists from overseas and photographers,Please follow the rules!

2019年02月25日 | English
Please follow the rules!

To all tourists from overseas and photographers,
There are some rules in our town we want you to be aware of.

"Private land and field, Don't enter!"

This picture was taken by a Hong Kong photographer.
Please follow the rules!
To all tourists from overseas and photographers Private land and field, Don't enter!

Please look carefully!
A photographer with good manners will not go out of the road and not enter the snow hill. Except for the ski resort, the snow hills are mostly private land or vegetable fields, In Hokkaido.
Please remember!
The place you take pictures is on the road. The snow hill is a no-entry area.


From last night until today,
He took this picture and We talked all night.
... and he acknowledged the mistake.In future, he will make this picture a sample of "violation of photography manners". And, to another Hong Kong photographer, he promised me to do the enlightenment activities of photography manners.
I will support his decision! I think that he is fully reflective.
We do not want to blame individuals of photographers, we would like many people to be aware of "shooting manners" by taking this opportunity.We would like to enjoy interacting with tourists who adhere to manners coming from all over the world.


Regarding that matter, in the past, there were sad events like the following.

On 24th Feb 2016, a famous tree in Biei was cut down.
That tree was called “Philosophy Tree” due to its slanting shape, just looking like a thinker that makes it so famous. 30 years ago, I visited there at my first time and I am still loving that tree until now. One of the reasons that the tree was cut down is the owner thought it was too old. Unfortunately and more importantly, the bad manners of photographers and tourists lead to the upset decision.

The tree is named as "Philosophy's tree", it was very popular.

That tree grew in the middle of the field.
There were many tourists from overseas visiting it and they stepped in the private field without any permissions. The bacteria on their shoes were left on the field. The vegetables grown on the field were damaged seriously even though the field was covered with heavy snow and nobody knows it! When the snow melted, the bacteria attacked the vegetables. Even though you were not aware of the seriousness of entering the field, the same result still happened to the farm owners. Thus, you are ruining the fields.

The agriculture of Japan is about using slender technology to produce vegetables. Tourists are coming for the nature that is growing such high quality vegetables. However, the fields are not only the work place of farmers, but also private. If you come to visit their fields, we hope you can show your respect to the owners and also keep your manner.

This picture was taken by another Hong Kong photographer.That photographer is a man.I have heard that he is a influencer in hk, quite well known.This photo is a complete "violation of photography manners"! The tree is called "Christmas tree" and it is very popular.However, there is a possibility of being cut someday. Because many people with poor photography manners gather around this tree.

The photographer writes below.
As he wrote, it is possible that he will see this tree at the end. Because in the near future the tree may be cut. In addition,it is not just a flatland that he entered. It is a vegetable field. Moreover, private property! I think that these people are so selfish !!

We love this tree and we want to cherish it.

Please remember!
The place you take pictures is on the road. The snow hill is a no-entry area.

If you have artistic taste, you should be able to take like the picture below from the public road.

The crown in the sun.

What we are most concerned about is that the owner of a private estate has begun cutting trees on his land every year. They do not want money from tourists. They just want to do agriculture. For agriculture, which is their job, we should not give damages. By observing the rules for sightseeing and shooting, farmers and tourists can interact with each other happily. We are active for that purpose. Please understand.

If you keep ignoring the rules impolitely or repeat stepping in the private fields disrespectfully, you are not welcomed to visit our place.

If we travel to your country, we follow your rules as this is a must.
On the other hand, we wish you can follow our rules.

Private land and field, Don't enter!

We photographers protect the manners of "do not step in the field". If you find anyone who has entered the field in reverse, please remind him gently with a resolute attitude. We want to protect our precious agricultural land and tourism resources.

Dear Hong Kong people,
Thank you for reading.
Let 's cooperate with us in order to comply with' shooting manners'

Biei in Hokkaido,Japan.
雪国武士 : Kent Shiraishi


I got new information now.
The top photo on this page was shared by the website of "SONY Hong Kong" and seems to have gained popularity.
If that is true, I am angry with SONY Hong Kong.
Because I am also receiving "SONY PRO SUPPORT" in Japan. Furthermore, I am a photographer known for observing shooting manners.
"SONY Hong Kong" responded to me today and acknowledged the following.
"SONY Hong Kong" selected the photo as 'Photo of the Week' without any knowledge about the photo that had been taken in a privately owned, prohibited place.

And they announced today.

SONY Hong Kong


観光に来る外国人にルールを守って頂くために、シェア拡散お願い申し上げます!! このままでは、美瑛町の畑の木は、次々無くなります!


(SONY Hong Kong)の問題はまだですが・・・

追伸 3

SONY Hong Kongから連絡があり、

SONY Hong Kongから発表がありました。



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