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Citrix 1Y0-A26 faq (Oct 2016)

2016-10-13 15:03:19 | Citrix

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Up to date 1Y0-A26 Simple Questions Latest Practice Test Questions VCE PDF Dumps

Qustion No. 1

Scenario: An administrator needs to ensure that the XenServer pool database in a twoserver pool is highly available. However, one of the XenServer hosts has failed and is NOT recoverable. The administrator now must re-establish high availability using a new host. The existing host has taken the master role. Which step should the administrator take to recover the backup pool information to the new XenServer host and ensure that it is highly available with the existing XenServer master?

A. Add the new host to the existing pool.

B. Restore the pool metadata to the new host.

C. Restore the pool metadata to the running host.

D. Create a new pool and restore the metadata to the new host.

Answer: A


Qustion No. 2

When starting up a XenServer from SAN, the BIOS of the ___________ contains the instructions that enable the host to find the boot disk. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. host machine

B. array controller

C. host bus adapter

D. network interface card

Answer: C


Qustion No. 3

Scenario: An administrator needs to add two new XenServer hosts to an existing pool.

Before adding a host to the pool, the administrator created a network bond on the pool master. Which CLI command must the administrator run to replicate the bond on the new hosts?

A. xe pool-join

B. xe bond-create

C. xe network-create

D. xe pool-param-set

Answer: A


Qustion No. 4

Scenario: An administrator needs to upgrade the memory of a XenServer host. Business requirements state that this task can only be done during business hours. Which two steps must the administrator take before shutting down a XenServer host in an environment that has high availability enabled without affecting performance? (Choose two.)

A. Disable the host.

B. Evacuate the host.

C. Reset the pool master.

D. Disable high availability.

Answer: AB


Qustion No. 5

Which two steps should an administrator take to back up the configuration of a virtual machine in XenServer on a regular basis? (Choose two.)

A. Schedule virtual machine metadata.

B. Access the resource pool configuration.

C. Access the backup, restore and update option.

D. Configure a scheduled snapshot of the virtual machine.

Answer: AC


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