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かしいはマルシェ Halloween Event 2019

2019-11-01 17:38:30 | イベント

福岡市東区香椎浜にある語学スクール クロスカルチャーコミュニケーションセンター 「シーフォー」です。



On Saturday October 26th , CCCC organized a Halloween Event.


Children enjoyed games (ring toss, superball catch) and activities such as nail and body paint.



Many children came with beautiful costumes!




This event was a good opportunity for everybody to use the English phrases that they had learned at CCCC.

Even the smallest children, even the shyest girls asked for tickets in English!


Everyone enjoyed the presentation about rugby and the songs performed by Chris.

Some children were able to pass a rugby ball for the first time!

After the music, there was a fashion show for the best costumes.

I think we all had fun.





This year, many CCCC students came as “Little Helpers”. They talked a lot in English and were quite helpful in many ways.

Not only did they help little children at the games and activities but they also cheered up the audience during Chris’ concert.

They gave us a hand to sell bread and drinks, then to clean up after the event was over.

Therefore we would like to say “THANK YOU!” to all of them for their help.




Little Helpers, you did a great job! Happy Halloween!





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