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My English is much better!




2011年08月15日 11時10分39秒 | 日本語/Japanese


2011年08月14日 20時20分47秒 | 和英ブログ/Both
I'm going to start using this blog to practice my Japanese, as poor as it has become. It has been three (three!!!) years since I left Japan, and I have forgotten a LOT! So as I re-learn, please, bear with!



I'm in 福岡県!

2006年08月05日 23時02分26秒 | 英語/English

I'm now in Japan!
Here is the link to my English site that deals with my time in Japan:


In the future, I plan on updating this in Japanese, but right now, I don't have the time (or the Japanese) to properly write something in another language other than English.

See you at teasmartgarden!

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My Hermione Costume...almost complete!

2006年06月02日 16時43分39秒 | 英語/English
I've been updating my Hermione costume for the anime convention I'm going to next week (A-Kon 17) in Dallas, TX.
The main changes involve getting a more realistic uniform, though I'm also working on the robe a little bit and changing out the shoes (so much stuff in reality!). I'm also going to throw in a prop or two beyond the required wand. An old book...perhaps a leather tote (if I can find one cheap enough).
I had a REALLY hard time finding the sweater to go with the perfect skirt found at a resale shop, because *for some reason* it's Summer, and people don't buy sweaters in the summer...
I finally ordered it on-line. Within two weeks, I should have pic(s) posted of the final outfit. Hopefully it'll look better than the original *fingers crossed*.
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my new site...and a toad

2006年05月28日 17時59分37秒 | 英語/English
I've been away from here because I have been working on, and updating my new site that will be specifically for English blogs about Japan. Sorry, if there's anyone who likes to actually check up on this site.  The site is teasmartgarden.com. The name comes from the english translation of 茶利庭->cha ri tei->charity, my first name.

After I got home from work, at 10pm, I was walking down the walkway to the house, and something small moved near me. When I looked, I was delighted to see a toad! When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do at night would be to find the biggest and smallest toads, and catch them! And now, years later, I see this toad. Of course, the first thing I want to is catch it...but I'm too old for that now, right?
Hahhah, I say! I quickly went into toad-catching mode and got it after the second try (apparently i'm still a bit rusty). It made a muted type of chirping noise, not much appreciating being caught. Nonetheless, I appreciated how cool the toad looked before I let it hop away to better shelter.

And that was my excitement for the day.

a post for posting's sake

2006年05月16日 03時15分18秒 | 英語/English
For my one month anniversary of not writing a blog, I have written a blog.
I actually intend to write one tonight, but it'll be the next day by then (past midnight), though technically this one might register already as the next day since the time is registered as what it is in Japan right now...damnit. Oh well, just remember that it really is the 16th still here.
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Here, Peter. You big whiny baby!

2006年04月16日 14時51分41秒 | 和英ブログ/Both
I'm posting this drawing because my friend was complaining in another message that I hadn't put my line art (I assume) in the last entry. Well, here you go!






I'll try harder from now on with my Japanese!
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I Hate Cardio!

2006年04月15日 13時25分14秒 | 英語/English
I did cardio for the first time in forever, and I'm proud to say that I haven't died yet

When I found out that I only had a little over 3 months before I leave for Japan, I went to my trainer and said "plans have changed. I've got 3 months to lose this weight"

he told me it could be done, but it'll be grueling (maybe I should say gruesome).

Either way, the new plan involves a very strict diet (which I'm still trying to figure out), and about 4 cardio sessions a week...on top of a regular excercise routine.

If I stop writing this blog, it is because the workout truly was too formidable...and I died...

Otherwise, yeah...I'll be the sexy American teacher in Japan

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A New Drawing

2006年04月10日 14時01分56秒 | 英語/English
I did this drawing as a present, and since I'm terrible at remembering to post a blog, I thought I could use this to buy me some time!

I colored this in today at work (yeah, that's right) using Photoshop. It took me...maybe 4 or 5 hours. That's a rough estimate.

Click on it and check out the full version.

Hope you like it!

p.s. the legs aren't finished cause the original drawing was done on a very small sketch book, and I ran out of room
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When I Leave

2006年04月09日 01時53分30秒 | 英語/English

Because I now know that I'll be going to Japan, I'm going to start dieting and working out more. I'm debating whether I should post that here. Maybe...no details though..yeah, that's the safest route.
I'll leave for Japan in late July, and after a few days of training and what-not, I'll be going to my location August 2nd...と思います。

I need to see a doctor in order to get a clean bill of health, and have my acceptance letter (along with that) sent off and in their hands by the 29th of this month.

The realization that I'm going is slowly sinking in. It doesn't hurt that the weather right now is reminding my of 函館 (Hakodate) in the summer.

I'll post again with more details...oh yeah, and I did promise to write about the interview questions...didn't I? (they're very funny, so long as you're not the one being asked them)

And, yes, I'm terrible. I have totally stopped writing my Japanese blogs...not that they were exactly exceptional. Practice is still practice!

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