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Photos can be remembered for a long time. Most people like to take photos, some of them develop the pictures but others like to store them in somewhere. Besides computer, a SD card is mostly used by computer users.


SD card now is not new to everybody. It can help people to store important files and data. It is so small and be easy and convenient to carry. But as we all known one coin has two sides. You can store photos, you can also loss them. If you had already lost the photos and data from SD card or you formatted SD memory card, how to recover deleted photos from SD card? The best and easiest way to undelete them is ask SD card recovery software for help.


Formatted SD Card Recovery Pro can undertake this task. If you keep reading you will know more about it.

Formatted SD Card Recovery Pro is professional card recovery utility. You can count on it to retrieve lost, missing, deleted photos, files and data from formatted or corrupted SD card and memory card as well.

I guess what you love it most is you can see the photos and files thumbnails before recovery which we call it Preview Recovery. This feature saves a lot of time. Batch Recovery can also be great!It can help to restore multiple files once. Don’t worry about how to use it. It is totally easy and risk-free to use even you are an old man or a computer novice.


How to recover photos from SD card?


Download and install Formatted SD Card Recovery Pro.

Click Start Scan and choose which deleted photos you want to undelete before recovery.

Click Recover. This will be a short time and after that you will find the deleted photos in the destination folder.


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