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Pennsylvania holds a special place in the hearts of many Americans

2018-04-17 11:12:42 | 日記

Pennsylvania holds a special place in the hearts of many Americans. The next logical step in their drive thru evolution then, could be none other than the drive thru strip club. Order up a quarter pounder here and the only thing youre likely to get in return is a laugh. Its truly some of Ronalds greatest work. 1. And trust Rubber Machine Screw us, you dont want fries with that. Insane Fishpond: Linesville, Pennsylvania Now you dont have to be Jesus to walk across water. Drive Thru Strip Club: Congruity, Pennsylvania Americans love their cars and no where is that more evident than the spread of its drive thru culture. For faster service, remember to have your payment ready at the window. Some 400,000 tourists every year stop by to feed the fish modern marine miracle, dishing out some 2. While no human has yet to complete the fish head water crossing, the spillway has deservedly earned the nickname, the place where the ducks walk on the fish.

And we say with a little balance, speed and Devine intervention you can make the crossing too. For $10 a minute, you can pull your vehicle up to the diamond shaped peephole and watch the action unfold inside. 4. Big Mac Museum: North Huntington, Pennsylvania Pay homage to the worlds favourite double burger, just miles from the site of its original birthplace. The declaration of independence was signed here, the Liberty Bell sounded here and frankly some of the nations best bizarre roadside attractions make their home here. And here you are complaining about your headache. 5. In fact, the only Pennsylvania attraction that sees more visitors each year is the Liberty Bell.

Americas got drive thru restaurants, drive thru banks, drive thru wedding chapels, heck theyve even got drive thru trees. The mutter museum features one of the worlds largest collections of medical monstrosities, ranging from twins joined at the liver, humans turned into soap and downright jaw dropping cases of testicular elephantitis. Mutter Museum: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Do grotesquely enlarged colons turn you on? Does the site of Grover Clevelands facial tumour get you hot? Do thoughts of John Wilkes Booths thorax drive you wild? Did you answer yes to any of the above? Then this place is just your fix. Hallelujah! 3. Drive Thru Strip Club 2. If you want to see things get really interesting, try ordering a private dance.

4 lbs of bread each to the now carb addicted carp. Gawk at the original Big Mac sauce gun, observe the evolution of the burgers packaging through history, and admire the colourful wallpaper adorned with the words of the legendary Big Mac mantra (Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun). Here burgers are built by the pound, including patties weighing in at 1, 2, 9 and a heart stopping 11 pounds.

Worlds Largest Hamburger Joint: Clearfield, Pennsylvania Alas, weve finally found the answer to the question, wheres the beef? Its right here at Dennys Beer Barrel Pub in rural Pennsylvania; hundreds and hundreds of pounds of it. The volume of fish flapping about in this Pennsylvania spillway is so heavy; you could practically walk across their bobbing heads to the other side. Quadruple bypass sold separately. Dennys (not to be confused with Dennys) gargantuan 15LB burger for two (more like for two dozen), includes some 4 Lbs of lettuce, tomatoes cheese onions and sauce.

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