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Bitcoin FS: The Bitcoin the World was Promised

2019-06-02 | 日記

The Inside Story behind the Full-Scale Bitcoin Upgrade coming this Summer.

I’ve been involved in Bitcoin since 2011. But I didn’t sign up for throttled blocks and high fees. While there have been many advancements in L2 systems, the main chain must also be allowed to scale. It’s finally time to do the right thing and get this issue fixed. A lot of the following won’t be well known until later this summer, so congratulations on finding it early.

Bitcoin FS stands for Bitcoin Full-Scale. It’s the latest upgrade to the Bitcoin protocol coming in Q3. A hard fork currently being built by legendary Crypto architect and developer BushStar and a talented coding crew.

Unlike older forks like Bitcoin Cash, this fork will contain all of the latest L2 scaling advancements like Lightning Network, along with block size and speed advancements, providing both on-chain and off-chain scaling; or in other words, “full scalability”.

Of course, we could have settled on BTC FS. But in order to pave the way for becoming the digital payment system of the world, we’d have to have a better name. And of course, ‘Bitcoin’ had already been fractured into pieces.

It’s no secret that the Bitcoin brand has been splintered into a hundred pieces from Bitcoin Diamond to Bitcoin SV to Bitcoin Private, and that no single version of the brand represents the official Bitcoin chain. So we wanted a better name, a name that would represent the ultimate version to date.

But the perfect name was already in use by the cryptocurrency Goldcoin. Fortunately, we devised a way to upgrade Bitcoin to Bitcoin FS, and at the same time, secure the Goldcoin brand.

As explained in a previous article, the cost of the brand was to roll the coin’s users into the Bitcoin FS chain by importing the UTXO Set. Essentially, merging the two currencies into a single powerhouse, while keeping the Goldcoin brand. Thus the name Reverse Bitcoin Hardfork.

Unlike previous hardforks, this fork will come with a built in community, existing exchange support, active pools, development team, and BTC GLC ticker symbol.

This gives the project the latest and greatest version of Bitcoin and the best possible consumer brand, along with a network capable of more than doubling Visa’s network TPS on-chain, and at the same time retaining Lightning’s scaling potential on L2.

And since Goldcoin is actively traded on Bittrex, we have the perfect futures market for price discovery as we draw nearer the approaching Q3 fork date. If you’re outside of NY and its unfriendly BitLicense, you can purchase the pre-fork version here. (BTC GLC)

FS will have the Bitcoin Genesis block, feature all of the latest L2 advancements, have bigger and faster blocks, free transactions, instant 0-Conf transactions, and the brand of the ages — making it attractive to both human and AI agents alike.

We think Goldcoin (aka Bitcoin FS) will become the most popular version of Bitcoin to date. It has everything needed to become the Bitcoin the World was promised in the original whitepaper.

Tomorrow, I’ll release my third article in the Reverse Bitcoin Hardfork (RBH) series discussing how we can expect exchanges like Coinbase and Binance to handle this latest Bitcoin hardfork coming this summer.

Source: @microguy

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