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One of the largest Bitcoin exchanges is the victim of a hacker attack

2019-05-08 | 日記

In a hacking attack on one of the world's largest crypto currency exchanges Bitcoin worth 36 million euros have been captured. Affected is the Malta-based Binance trading platform, which is considered one of the most significant in the industry.

Their boss Zhao Changpeng said on Wednesday via Twitter, the customers would be compensated by a security fund of the exchange operator. In the next few days, however, no trading is possible because the platform would be subject to a security check.

In recent years, hackers have repeatedly captured Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from specially targeted trading venues. Best known is the attack on the then world's largest bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox in early 2014. Approximately 25,000 customers lost around 650,000 Bitcoin. Often such a theft crashed the platforms into bankruptcy.

The good 7000 Bitcoin now captured by Binance had been stolen through various attack methods in a single transaction, including viruses and phishing, the operator said. The hackers had patiently waited and struck in well-coordinated actions through various seemingly independent accounts.

Last year, hackers stole cryptocurrencies worth 850 million euros worldwide, according to US security firm CiptherTrace. The amount has therefore more than tripled compared to the previous year.

The previous day's bitcoin price was close to $ 6,000
The Bitcoin exchange rate chart show remained unaffected by the hacker attack. A digital coin cost on the exchange Bitstamp with 5807 dollar a good one percent more.

Only on Tuesday the Bitcoin had risen to a new annual high of almost 6000 US dollars. The Bitstamp trading platform reached $ 5970 in the peak. This is the highest level since last November. From its record high of $ 20,000, reached in late 2017, the oldest and most well-known digital currency is still far away.

Experts cited as media reports, according to the large American asset manager Fidelity will soon offer trading in Bitcoin. The offer should apply only to institutional professionals. Private investors are left out. Fidelity is one of the largest asset managers in the world.

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