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Bombing with Bitcoin: Does North Korea finance its nuclear program with cryptocurrencies?

2019-04-08 | 日記
North Korea has long had a taste for cryptocurrencies to circumvent the strict economic sanctions of the international community. According to a report by the magazine Wired, the regime in Pyongyang is pursuing a very specific goal with the attacks on crypto exchanges: The fraudulent cryptocurrencies are to be forwarded immediately into the nuclear program of the isolated country . . . Read more

Bitcoin: 3 reasons for the sudden price increase

2019-04-04 | 日記
After cryptocurrencies were shaken for months, the Bitcoin recently gave a very clear sign of life. But the jump of over $1,000 within an hour did not come quite unexpectedly. As big as the hype surrounding Bitcoin 2017 was, so great was the malice, but also worried about the Bitcoin 2018, and so quiet was it about the cryptocurrency so far in the current year - at least in the general public. For about a year, the entire sector was in a full-blown bear market and the Bitcoin was - not for the first time - declared dead . . . Read more

The Bitcoin madness starts again

2019-04-03 | 日記
The course party at the crypto market continues. After the bitcoin price shot up about 20 percent on Tuesday morning, the price consolidated at the level to make another leap tonight. In the meantime, the price was already over 5,000 US dollars . . . Read more

Cryptocurrency: "At least I have a chance with Bitcoins!"

2019-04-01 | 日記
The economist Carlos Hernández (26) lives in Caracas and writes as a freelance journalist much for US media. If, however, he kept his savings in the local currency of Bolívar, that would be "financial suicide" given the galloping inflation. Therefore, he tries to convince his clients to pay him in bitcoins. The interview, which appeared in the latest issue of Technology Review, was emailed because frequent power outages made a phone call impossible . . . Read more

Volatility of Bitcoin tests annual minimum of 2018

2019-03-31 | 日記
Since the beginning of November, we have been tracking Bitcoin's impact on traditional markets. It's not about a trivial comparison of performance. Institutional investors are extremely interested in Bitcoin's claim to be a non-correlated, stable asset. As part of a guest contribution to € uro Fundresearch, BTC-ECHO addressed the question of whether Bitcoin and the highly correlated crypto market would be a good match for traditional portfolios. This question is for institutional investors to be interested in the crypto market . . . Read more

The Bitcoin broke on Friday two important resistances

2019-03-30 | 日記
Friday was all about bitcoin. Except for Ethereum but none of the big Altcoins could really keep up. A look at the logarithmic 1-hour chart (Bitstamp on TradingView) shows the performance of Bitcoin. First, he broke through the green wedge he'd been training since mid-February and headed straight for the black dashed line. This line is the upper limit of the downtrend that started in December 2017! So you might think Bitcoin broke out of the downtrend. But there is more like the desire of the father of thought . . . Read more

Neo-Nazis dreamed of Bitcoin fortune and failed

2019-03-20 | 日記
The cryptocurrency was traded as an alternative to the "Jewish" banking system, but found little acceptance even within its own ranks. Where the regular money system does not help, Bitcoin should do it. That's one of the promises of the world's best-known cryptocurrency. Even the alleged perpetrator of Christchurch mentioned the digital money in a manifesto, which is assigned to him. But his information should be fictional. Several years ago he wants to have made a lot of money with an investment program called Bitconnect. However, Bitconnect only started in 2016, turned out to be a pyramid game and collapsed in 2018 - the members are said to have been brought in by $ 2.5 billion . . . Read more

Former boss of Bitcoin Exchange got sentenced

2019-03-15 | 日記
Due to a data clutter, the Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox had to declare insolvency in 2014. Now her boss Mark Karpeles was convicted. Mark Karpeles, the former head of the bankrupt Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, has been sentenced to a suspended sentence for document falsification. A Tokyo court found Karpeles guilty of tampering with company records. Infidelity allegations against Karpeles were dropped . . . Read more

Why the Bitcoin course could go through the roof again in 2019?

2019-03-09 | 日記
Bitcoin, the mother of all cryptocurrencies, looks back on a turbulent past. Many investors are longing for rising prices, but for several months there has been little movement in terms of the chart. Currently 1 Bitcoin corresponds to about 3444 Euro. From past prices beyond the 15,000 euro mark, the Bitcoin value currently seems far away. For about three months, a sideways movement has been noted. This is rather unusual for the rather volatile crypto market. Currently, however, there are increasing signs that bitcoin is becoming increasingly likely. Some experts and insiders suspect that in the near future once again peak values can be achieved. In our analysis you will learn all about the Bitcoin: The current potential, the price development and a forecast. We also focus on the all-important question: should you buy or sell Bitcoin today . . . Read more

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin: ETH is the solution for Bitcoin's limited functionality

2019-03-03 | 日記
The co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), Vitalik Buterin, said he was trying to solve the limited functionality of Bitcoins (BTC) by creating Ethereum, according to an interview with Business Insider published on February 28. During the interview, Buterin compared Bitcoin with a calculator and said that it does one thing and does it well, while believing that Ethereum is more like a smartphone that can run apps that can do almost anything, including the processes of one calculator . . . Read more