Characters who wear eyeglasses including Harry Potter

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When you find out that your child needs eyeglasses, it can be a difficult time for both the child and you as a parent. You should always be supportive during this period.For children, two moments stand apart as some of the most unsettling: when they are told they need to wear braces or eyeglasses. Although braces are only temporary, eyeglasses need to be worn long term; so it can be an emotional time.

Parents need to reassure their children that therea€?s nothing wrong with wearing eyeglasses. Even though the other kids may tease them for a while, the issue will pass eventually.If you want to make sure your child adjusts to his or her new eyeglasses as smoothly as possible, follow these tips and always be as supportive as possible during the adjustment period. First, let your son or daughter select the eyeglasses.

Think about all the characters who wear eyeglasses including Harry Potter, Velma in Scooby-Doo, and Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks. Let them decide if they want to choose a style they see in favorite television shows or if they want to select different ones.Finally, make it a routine to wear the glasses at a certain time each day. It doesna€?t have to be the whole day, but encourage a regular schedule over time. Before long, your children will start wearing their eyeglasses like they were born with them.

You can offer advice or suggest a few different styles, but leave the final decision up to him or her. This approach will help your child feel more comfortable while wearing the glasses. Dona€?t force them to wear the glasses all the time, especially at first. This will help him adjust to the strange feeling of having something propped on their noses all the time. It will also make them more confident about wearing them, so they can get over the feeling that people are staring at them. The best way to do this is to have them wear the eyeglasses while doing an activity that they enjoy; theya€?ll quickly forget that theya€?re wearing glasses if they are having fun. Ask your children about how the eyeglasses feel; if they seem to feel uncomfortable, just ask why, and try to work out a solution.

Eventually, the eyeglasses will feel like second nature, but that time can feel like a long way off in the beginning.Another way to get your children over the feeling of fiber patch cord wearing glasses is to focus on the a€coola€ factor. Point out popular characters or celebrities who wear glasses and explain that therea€?s nothing wrong with having an eye glass Deerfield Beach has eye clinics that make it easy to find a variety of styles, so your children can be sure to find ones they dona€?t mind wearing.

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