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BEastie boys

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this is the one of my favorite band!!!
i luv them and their music so much!

Surprisingly, Nico has the bag which printed beastie boys on!!!

it is a picture of that bag!!!!
SO cool isnt it?????
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NEW AIM!!!!!

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i want to work for something related w/ Japan and abroad..
then i decided to take an exam for commerce.
its not easy to pass it but i will break my back for passing it!!!!!


i have to be a really Majime!!!

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I had a christmas party w/ my friends at my old house!!!
Macchan, her BF Nico, and his friends came and we had a so much fun!!!
we cooked a great christmas dinnerdrunk winegood music it was really nice party

we talked about the Japanses way of Christmas.
its totally different from French one, cuz in Japan the image of christmas is for couple not for family.
on the other hand in France, people celebrate christmas w/ their family.
its like Japanese New Years.

i thought in Japan there were no culture of Christmas before, it came and imported from western country.
then, people took it up as that way!!
"christmas is for couple!! we have to spend money and timeto for lovers.
its kinda same w/ Valentine's Day in Japan,,

there r correct excessive commercialism.
anyway enjoy hollidays everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Its amazing isnt it??????
wanna go back there again!!!!!!!!

Wonderful place wonderful peope!!!!!!!

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I went 2 HAWAII last week w/ my family!!!
it was really nice!! amazing!!!!! i luv tropical island
actually this was the second time that i went there.

this time, i spend most of time w/ my friend KORY!!!
he was really nice and kind, took me many nice places where only local people know. beautiful beach, amazing views...surfed, camped, went to club and so on

i cant forget all of them!!!!!
there r soooooooooooooooooooo amazing

i wanna say THANK YOU to him million times!!!!!!

and wanna go back HAWAII asaP

CHRISTMAS and SANTA CRAUS r coming !!!!!

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i hate winter actually, i dont like fleezing cold weather,,,
but i luv one thing in winter,
its Christmas!!!!
it makes my feeling so warm and happy, i become i wanna make someone happy and love

this year, after i watched a DVD, "50 first Dates" i became really wanna luv and make someone Happy !!!!

then i decided to make a Christmas CD and give it 2 my friends and family

it is resally good cd, i hope!!!
plz enjoy it and plz luv me


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Finally i came back 2 Kyoto

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i came back 2 Kyoto yesterday morning by Ferry.
i went 2 Ritsumeikan Uni.
and see my High school friends at there.
after that i went 2 Thai' restaurant w/ my friend' French BF.
went some place, Gosyo, KINKAKUJI w/ him.
at night, we ate @ Yakiniku placeand did KARAOKE

it was sooooo happy day!!!

pic of Genji-monogatari2

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tomoyo!!! she did vivid performance!!! i didnt know she has such wonderful talent
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pic of Genji-monogatari

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sam he was awesome!!! Danced to Hikaru-genji' song and Michael' "Thriller"
good job!!!sam


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These days i go to Gym on Friday to watch my firends play basketball
Kev. Gan, Dennis, Shin-chan, Lenny, son and so on...
They play the game!!!
its so exciting to watch

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