Places Available for Campjng

2018-07-02 | For Pilgrims

Places Available for Camping

Sports Park near 8th Kumadaniji  Map 22 ,  23km from NO.1 Temple
Rest hut near Kawashima Brdg      Map 23 ,  34km from NO.1
Ryusui-an                                   Map 24 ,  45km from NO.1
Rest hut 36                  Map 24 ,  58km from NO.1
the 17th Idoji tsuyado                   Map 25 ,  82km from NO.1
Kuramoto Park near Hokokuji        Map 25 ,  86km from NO.1 
Hosenji tsuyado (jukokoju-an)       Map 27-b , 109km from NO.1
Rest hut 11 Katsuura                    Map 28-a , 115km from NO.1
E.S.(closed)                                 Map 29 ,  120km from NO.1
Road Station Wajiki          Map 30 , 131km from NO,1
Rest hut 47 One                           Map 30 , 134km from NO.1
Rest hut 4 Kaneuchi                     Map 31 , 141km from NO.1
Tainohama Beach                         Map 31 , 148km from NO.1
Rest hut near Komatsu Daishi        Map 33 , 167km from NO.1
Saba Daishi (rest hut)                   Map 33 , 175km from NO.1
Rest hut 6 Shishikui                      Map 33 , 181km from NO.1
Myotokuji(Toyo Daishi) tsuyado     Map 34-a , 198km from NO.1
Bus stop Shiina                    Map 34-b , 222km from NO.1
Uminoeki Toromu                         Map 34-b , 235km from NO.1
Kira Messe                Map 35 , 244km from NO.1
Rest hut near Store Katayama       Map 36 , 249km from NO.1
Cape Hane-misaki                         Map 36 , 255km from NO.1
Tano-eki-ya  beside Tano stn.        Map 36 , 263km from NO.1
Rest hut near 27th Konomineji        Map 37 , 269km from NO.1
27th Konomineji tsuyado                Map 37 , 271km from NO.1
Road station Oyama                      Map 37 , 279km from NO.1
Rest hut near Kyujo-mae               Map 38 , 285km from NO.1
Kotogahama Beach            Map 38 , 294km from NO.1
Zenkonyado Hagimori                   Map 38 , 296km from NO.1
Rest hut 8 Kagami                         Map 39 , 302km from NO.1
28th Dainichiji tsuyado                  Map 40 , 308km from NO.1
Rest hut 5 Kamohara                  Map 41 , 323km from NO.1
33rd Sekkeiji tsuyado                     Map 43 , 345km from NO.1
34th Tanemaji tsuyado                   Map 44 , 351km from NO.1
35th Kiyotakiji tsuyado                   Map 45 , 361km from NO.1
Rest hut near Tsukajizaka Tunnel    Map 46 , 368km from NO.1
Rest hut near Usa Bus Terminal      Map 46 , 379km from NO.1
Rest hut 17 Susaki                         Map 46 , 395km from NO.1
Road station Kawauso no sato         Map 47-a , 401km from NO.1
Rest hut 1.2km to Tosa-
kure st.     Map 48-a , 411km from NO.1
Rest hut 1km from Tosa-kure st.    Map 48-a , 413km from NO.1
37th Iwamotoji tsuyado (garage)      Map 48-b , 431km from NO.1
Rest hut 13 Saga                           Map 49-a , 443km from NO.1
Rest hut near Saga-koen                Map 49-b , 454km from NO.1
Rest hut near Nada Port                Map 49-b , 458km from NO.1
Rest hut 22 Ogata                         Map 49-b , 463km from NO.1
Rest hut 54 Shimanto                     Map 51 , 482km from NO.1
Drive in Suisya                              Map 51 , 488km from NO.1
Jinbay Plaza (Iburi Port)                 Map 52 , 502km from NO.1
Zenkonyado Kanehira                    Map 52 , 509km from NO.1 
Rest hut near Dam                         Map 54 , 564km from NO.1
Rest hut 33                                   Map 54 , 576km from NO.1
Matsuo Daishi                               Map 55 , 583km from NO.1
40th Kanjizaiji tsuyado                   Map 56 , 597km from NO.1
Arashizaka Pocket Park        Map 57-a , 618km from NO.1
Rest hut near Matsuo Tunnel          Map 57-b , 626km from NO.1
Zenkonyado Aloe House                 Map 59 , 638km from NO.1
Warei Park near Oriental Hotel       Map 59 , 638km from NO.1

Rest hut 21 Uwajima                      Map 60-a , 644km from NO.1
Rest hut beside
42nd Butsumokuji   Map 60-b , 650km from NO.1
Rest hut                                       Map 61 , 655km from NO.1
Fudakake Parking                          Map 62-b , 678km from NO.1
〔8〕Toyogahashi tsuyado                Map 62-b , 686km from NO.1
Zenkonyado near Nagaokayama Tunnel  Map 63 , 701km from NO.1
Daishido                                       Map 63 , 708km from NO.1
Rest hut 38 Uchiko                        Map 64 , 711km from NO.1
Rest hut near Hiwata Pass              Map 64 , 728km from NO.1
Rest hut near sumiyoshi jinjya         Map 65 , 734km from NO.1
Rest hut beside Huruiwaya-so         Map 65 , 739km from NO.1
Rest Park Myojin                           Map 66 , 756km from NO.1
47th Yasakaji tsuyado                     Map 67-a , 768km from NO.1
51st Ishiteji tsuyado                       Map 68 , 780km from NO.1
Bunka-no-mori Park                       Map 70-a , 803km from NO.1
Daishido near Asanami station         Map 70-a , 809km from NO.1
Hoshiura Park near Gorobe Daishi    Map 70-c , 822km from NO.1
56th Taisanji tsuyado                      Map 71 , 835km from NO.1
58th Senyuji tsuyado with hot spring  Map 72 , 841km from NO.1
Komyoji tsuyado                             Map 73-a , 857km from NO.1
60th Yokomineji rest hut                 Map 73-b , 875km from NO.1
64th Maegamiji rest hut                   Map 74-a , 890km from NO.1
Hagyu-an                                      Map 75 , 903km from NO.1
Ikedaike Park                                 Map 76 , 908km from NO.1
Kobo no Yakata              Map 76 , 913km from NO.1
〔12〕Enmeiji rest hut                       Map 77-a , 918km from NO.1
65th Sankakuji rest hut                    Map 78 , 935km from NO.1
Handa Rest Hut                              Map 78 , 939km from NO.1
Rest hut 37                                    Map 79 , 945km from NO.1
66th Unpenji tsuyado                      Map 79 , 955km from NO.1
Zenkonyado Zenigata pick up at Maruyoshi Map 81 , 970km from NO.1
View point between Jinneinn & Kotohiki Park  Map 81, 974km from NO.1
Freai Park Mino                              Map 83 , 989km from NO.1
Vtangura (zenkonyado)  1000yen      Map 85 , 1014km from NO.1
Rest hut 51 Goshikidai                    Map 86 , 1037km from NO.1
Zenkonyado Slow Life                      Map 88 , 1053km from NO.1
Rest hut (zenkonyado Hayashi)         Map 88 , 1054km from NO.1
Rest hut                                         Map 90 , 1073km from NO.1
Maeyama Ohenro Koryu Salon          Map 92 , 1089km from NO.1
Bus Stop beside 88th Okuboji            Map 92 , 1096km from NO.1

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