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Clever tell him you love to marry diamond ring

2017-04-19 07:12:16 | 日記
For her boyfriend choose the diamond ring does not necessarily like, then how can let him know what style you like the diamond van cleef arpels alhambra ring replica ? The following will introduce some simple and ingenious way for girls, so that he unconsciously, you know how to marry the wedding ring is what kind of style, which will not pick the wrong Oh.
 Method one: take him to shopping
This method is quite simple, many couples have a group of shopping time. At this point, you can take him to the jewelry store to see, pretend to pick, and secretly pointed out that their favorite style. According to a recent survey, 62% of the bride before the marriage with the bridegroom to the jewelry store, of which 19% personally selected marry ring, and 23% and quasi-groom to buy the diamond cheap van cleef arpels ring.
Method 2: cut the picture, send the link
    Online shopping so popular, in the online selection of some diamond ring style, the picture link to him, and with him to discuss their evaluation of these several (one of which is what you want).
    Method 3: Inadvertently suggestive
    And he was together, you can inadvertently talk about the diamond ring, such as platinum diamond ring is quite good, but I think rose gold may be more suitable for me.
    Method 4: tell your parents and your girlfriends
    A man want to know the fiancee's preferences, of course, will ask your parents and your girlfriend, to seek their help.
    DR: If you see ring want to tell him that you can also this way Oh! Life only one, so that the people who love to send you a happy expression! Girl, did you learn?Alhambra Ring Yellow Gold
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