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What is the most creative and most touching message@sallor.com

2017-03-21 18:39:38 | 日記
1) marry me, I'm so scared, I'm afraid there is not enough time in my life to love you for a second and a second; my dear, marry me, okay? Give me your hand, I'll hold you Hand to accompany you to the end of the world. Marry me, marry happiness.
2) I will not escape anymore.best replica van cleef arpels necklace Will not retreat. I hope that I have the opportunity to take responsibility for your happiness, health and happiness. love you forever!
3) I look at you gentle smile, I asked myself if this is the lucky person can always be in your side tease you laugh, is lucky to protect your life, love you, answer is whether you are willing to marry me?
4) Anything I want to share with you,best fake vancleefarpels alhambra bracelet because in addition to you I can not find another match with my woman.
5) red flowers white yarn shy cheek, shallow smile to say a willing answer, pull your hand in my arm over the ends of the earth, into a warm place called home.
6) I am the mouse you are rice, you and I never separated. I am the weight you are the pole, you and I always heart connected. I am a pen you are a hat, you and I will never mess, I am chopstick you are a bowl, you and I will always come with.
 7)copy van cleef arpels long necklace how many times in the dream of your presence, how many times alone call you, just want to hold your hand, walk the road of life, love more great, get married!
8) If you want a lovely baby, if you still hesitate for this, then I give you a little suggestion - marry me!
9) You are the greatest happiness of my life, in every day you have, I can feel very happy, you are the only one in my life. will you marry me?
10) marry me! My first time because of your heart, with you, I slowly realized the feeling of happiness, attachment. Marry me, do not let the whole world regret it!
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