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2017-07-14 10:40:15 | 日記

“So long as you give mine to Robb Stark.”  “That I shall.”  Some Brave Companions had gathered in the yard to watch them leave. Jaime trotted over to where they stood. “Zollo. How kind of you to see me off sightseeing bus tour. Pyg. Timeon. Will you miss me? No last jest to share, Shagwell? To lighten my way down the road? And Rorge, did you come to kiss me goodbye?”  “Bugger off, cripple,” said Rorge.  “If you insist. Rest assured, though, I will be back. A Lannister always pays his debts.” Jaime wheeled his horse around and rejoined Steelshanks Walton and his two hundred.  Lord Bolton had accoutered him as a knight, preferring to garb a travesty. Jaime rode with sword and dagger on his belt, shield and helm hung from his saddle, chainmail under a dark brown surcoat.

He was not such a fool as to show the lion of Lannister on his arms, though, nor the plain white blazon that was his right as a Sworn Brother of the Kingsguard. He found an old shield in the armory, battered and splintered, the chipped paint still showing most of the great black bat of House Lothston upon a field of silver and gold dermes hk.

The Lothstons held Harrenhal before the Whents and had been a powerful family in their day, but they had died out ages ago, so no one was likely to object to him bearing their arms. He would be no one’s cousin, no one’s enemy, no one’s sworn sword... in sum, no one.  They left through Harrenhal’s smaller eastern gate, and took their leave of Roose Bolton and his host six miles farther on, turning south to follow along the lake road for a time. Walton meant to avoid the kingsroad as long as he could, preferring the farmer’s tracks and game trails near the Gods Eye.  “The kingsroad would be faster.” Jaime was anxious to return to Cersei as quickly as he could. if they made haste, he might even arrive in time for Joffrey’s wedding.  “I want no trouble,” said Steelshanks. “Gods know who we’d meet along that kingsroad.”  “No one you need fear, surely? You have two hundred men.”  “Aye. But others might have more. M’lord said to bring you safe to your lord father, and that’s what I mean to do.”  I have come this way before, Jaime reflected a few miles further on, when they passed a deserted mill beside the lake. Weeds now grew where once the miller’s daughter had smiled shyly at him, and the miller himself had shouted out, “The tourney’s back the other way, ser almo nature.”

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