Real illusion

2013-02-19 12:50:29 | 熱讀類
Where is the boss of psychological bottom line? Maybe we can summarize some common bottom line.

For example: If you can not make money for the boss, of course, the boss would not possessor. But the bottom line too wide, so that can not be the bottom line. If you are not the boss of highly paid hired well-paid employees do not need to pay attention to the bottom line, because the boss is the most cost-sensitive, useful and useless, the whole look of your worth.

If you stand out in the company's paid employees, especially the aura of a long list the (elite MBA, "turtle", 500 work experience, etc.), you must to playing the spirit of twelve. To know your high-paying always let the the boss Routeng, the boss that elusive psychological bottom line may touch If you are the boss did not meet your expectations, anytime, anywhere.

At this point, even if you know the boss of one thousand kinds of psychological bottom line is useless, because your boss is sure there are one thousand and one you do not know their bottom line, this is the so-called "trumping up a charge-free speech".

Remember, do not steal the boss's money. In fact, this is a broad and large that it can not become the bottom line of the bottom line. Why? Certainly be considered stealing boss's money because each boss of magnanimity and management philosophy are different, for example, take kickbacks. But a lot of company boss knows canteen buyer kickbacks, but he just open one eye closed.

I asked them why? Replied: "water to clear there are no fish. Vegetables and non-staple food price every day becomes vastly different quality, suppliers are self-employed, the regulatory costs must be higher than the rebate., As long as those involved in the budget to make a the employee satisfaction rice line . "So the bottom line whether there should also vary.

Also, high-power also can not cover the main boss should be regarded as their bottom line. But this logic is not the establishment of clear property right company. Why? Because hair wage and salaried knew who is the real boss.

Some companies the CEO is the boss, and plenty of Chairman of the Board, the Board of Directors and CEO split the role of the boss. Everyone in this company is not really the boss, everyone wants to be their own boss, so necessary anti subordinates likely forces bigger subvert their own. Therefore, the high power cover the main this can not be regarded as a one-size-fits-boss psychological bottom line.
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