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Cheap second hand clothing affects fashion industry

2017-06-13 16:55:17 | 日記
Moline Katiyo


Second hand clothes flooding the Zimbabwean market have brought an unhealthy competition for local designers and affecting the fashion industry. According to a local designer, people are resorting to cheaper second hand clothes compared to designer clothes. The United Nations Office for the

Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs worker said this is killing the local designers.

Katiyo of Hande Bhebhi (HB label) fame recently showcased at the just ended Tshwane Fashion Week held in Pretoria last month urged Zimbabweans to appreciate local designs.

“People should know that the second-hand clothes they so love might be cheap but not durable. It is a challenge in our area of specialty as we lose customers. I urge people to support and appreciate local designers work,” she said.

Katiyo’s designs are centred on infusing pieces of different objects and materials with an Afro touch.

“One thing to change in Zimbabwe is to look at sustainable fashion and revamping it. We also need to appreciate what is done locally,” she said.

Katiyo said she wears a lot of her own designs so as to market the products.

“I love clothes and I started designing back in 2010. My role model is my mother. I like the way she balanced her working profession and fashion which was her hobby.

“I wear my own clothes as I am my own model so far but I would love to dress reggae songstress Sister Flame because of her dress sense and she too is keen,” she said.

The designer has of late partnered with Zimbabwe German Society for training workshops on disadvantaged communities such as youths and women in Epworth for empowerment. Katiyo has showcased at Harare International Festival of Arts and Zimbabwe Fashion Week in 2011 soon after launching her label at Gallery Delta.

Her range is for women with men’s designs only on shirts.

“I am also inspired by what I see and internationally I am more inspired by Vera Wang for her style chic and simplicity in her designing,” she said.Read more at:formal dresses

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