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If you have a Fastback P31 PowisPrinterand you

2018-06-14 09:34:22 | 日記

If you have a Fastback P31 PowisPrinterand you use it on a regular basis you will inevitably need to replace afoil cartridge or fix a strip jam. This simple article is designed togive you a basic set of instructions for completing these tasks. Itwill identify the different types of jams that can happen with thePowisPrinter and will give you instructions for clearing them. It willalso provide detailed instructions for changing the foil cartridge onthe P31.

Fixing a Strip Jam on the PowisPrinter   

The printer can jam a strip in four places - the feed chute, the hatch,the front door, Aluminum mylar film and the Binder Exit. There are different procedures toclear jams in each of these locations. If you can't tell where the jamhas occurred, you may need to check all four places. You will noticethe words "carefully", "gently" and "slowly" in these instructions. Itis important that you do not use excessive force or go too quickly whenremoving a jammed strip from your machine. Using too much force candamage sensors and other internal components and may result in the needfor a costly repair.

1.Feed Chute Jams:To fix a jam in the feed chute you need to slowly pull the strip out of the feed entry or feed exit.   

2.Hatch Jams:To fix a hatch jam you need to open the top hatch and locate the jammedstrip. Gently and carefully pull the strip out of the machine. It mayhelp to open the Front Door to give easier access and or visibility.Close the top hatch.

3.Front Door Jams: Open the frontdoor of the PowisPrinter and located the jammed strip. Gently andcarefully pull the strip out of the machine. It may help to open theTop Hatch to give easier access and visibility. Close the front door.

4.Binder Exit Jams:If something obstructs the binder exit, a Binderstrip can jam here. Tofix this, first open the front door. With the door open, remove theBinderstrip from the binder exit. It should remove easily. Then closethe front door.

It is always a good idea to inspect each strip before you feed it intoyour PowisPrinter. Sometimes during the manufacturing, Binderstripfragments stick to the Binderstrips. These fragments - if inserted intothe PowisPrinter - can smear the foil, jam the machine, or even breakthe foil cartridge. You can avoid such mishaps by inspecting yourBinderstrip each time you're about to print. If you notice any scrapsor fragments, simply brush them off the strip, then insert the strip asusual.

Changing a PowisPrinter Foil Cartridge   

You will need to change the foil cartridge on your PowisPrinterwhenever you wish to change the color or when the cartridge is empty.Here are the instructions for changing your PowisPrinter foilcartridge.

1.The PowisPrinter™ will automatically detect when it is time to changethe foil cartridge. Aluminized pet film The screen will display: Cartridge Empty - PleaseInsert A New One.

2.Make sure that a Binderstrip is not in the machine. If one is, close the door, and the strip should eject.   

3.Open the Front Door   

4.Grasp the foil cartridge at the top and the bottom and pull it straight out of the machine.   

5.Take out a new foil cartridge. Remove the orange shipping tab.   

6.Look at the cartridge. Does the foil balloon out? If it does, turnthe purple wheel on the cartridge clockwise, so the foil tightens up.The foil should have no slack.

7.Now insert the foil cartridge, carefully fitting it over theprinthead. The foil should slide in the gap between the drum and theprinthead. Listen for a click that tells you the cartridge is snugly inplace.

8.Close the Front Door.   

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