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Aluminum with a silver-white metallic luster

2018-06-11 10:22:41 | 日記

Aluminum with a silver-white metallic luster, so commonly known as aluminum silver or silver, its chemical composition is implemented as aluminum is not silver. Range of applications: silicon powder coatings, printing ink, plastic masterbatch, printing, imitation gold paper, imitation gold, gold film, textiles, but in water-based paint and with the acid-base paint will oxidize black. Not recommended for applications requiring the occasion of acid rain.

The powder coating is much lower security risk than ordinary paint, and solvent air mixture, the powder air mixture caused by the ignition energy is 50-100 times. However, all flammable powder or dust and air form an explosive mixture China Aluminum Foil for Cable is a potential source of danger. However, prior to take appropriate measures to secure transportation, storage and processing. For security reasons, aluminum powder concentration can not exceed 10g/m3. In the spray zone, often more than this concentration. Because there is always sufficient oxygen content, so you must avoid causing more than the minimum energy spark.

Compared with the resin powder does not contain pigments, when 5-6% of aluminum powder, the powder constant (explosive metrics) and the maximum explosion pressure to increase 10 percent. Al content continues to increase the explosive power will increase. When the aluminum content greater than 25%, will reach the explosive power of the pure metal powder. However, the dependencies of this aluminum powder pigment are not made for minimum caused by the combustion energy. Regardless of what kind of scattered, pure resin powder are lower than the minimum trigger combustion energy. If the aluminum pigment content> 10% and use of small particle size and without coated aluminum processing, lowest trigger combustion energy can be reduced.

Containing aluminum powder coatings, powder coatings containing pigment with ordinary, they do not exceed the prescribed limit, there is no fire and explosion hazard. In order to ensure the safety of the spraying process, the need to avoid the accumulation and Double-side and Double-side Flame Retardant concentration in the separation of metal powder supplier. These basic requirements also apply to solvent-based paints containing copper powder. Directly caused by the copper-zinc alloy powder explosion hazard than aluminum.

The most important part for the powder equipment is the good grounding between the components and operations staffs. Indoor dust concentrations should be controlled at the lowest level, according to local provisions of the exhaust system. Under any circumstances, the fire, spark and overheating should be avoided.