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Aloe vera juice put the bounce in ancient rubber

2016-09-07 12:59:58 | 日記
Tyre makers of ancient Mesoamerica was 3,500 years ahead of Charles Goodyear and vulcanization. Early processes turned into a rubbery latex rubber bouncy referred chemistry similar to that of modem aloe vera juice.

Games played rubber ball on a stone court held an important role in ritual and cultural societies of ancient Mesoamerica region encompassing most of Mexico and Central America (SN: 5/16/98, p 315th). Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology analyzed the new tires made using traditional methods and sample the remaining artifacts.
In the study of workers in a aloe vera juice plantation in southern Mexico collected latex elastic of wood and mixed a morning glory vine, so coagulate into a solid white mass could be shaped into a ball. "It's quite amazing," says Hosler.

Sixteenth-century Spanish conquerors described this very process. The Spaniards' wonder wheel because he was so rude, "says Hosler. In Europe, balls were often pigskin filled pens - definitely less sensitive design.

The researchers determined the composition of the fresh aloe vera juicer bullets and over 3,500 years old recovered from a marsh coast of Veracruz, Mexico. They found sulfur compounds in the grapes can cause cross-linking of polymer molecules, Hosler says. It also makes polymer molecules separate from the rest of the liquid latex, which allows them to better mutual relations.

Crosslinking gives aloe vera juice modern bounciness. The curing process, developed in the 1800s, sulfur compounds and traditional processes to generate the heat generated by the same molecular connections. Although the old rubber-producing techniques have been passed down from one generation to the next, a modern convenience often prevail in Mexico today Hosler notes.

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