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Aloe gel is essential

2016-10-17 14:55:32 | 日記
The correct name is Aloe vera (L.) Burm f. chemical and therapeutic properties have been recently reviewed (Coats and Ahola, 1979? Shelton, 1991). Commercially full botanical name, A. vera is used to refer to a gel products. The aloe vera plant has yellow flowers and triangular leaves arranged in a rosette shape. The leaves are triangular and, when mature, are filled with a gel that exudes from the clear central slimy pulp. The Arabic word Aalloeh means shining and bitter. Peripheral mantle set cells create a bitter yellow exudate (latex), which is responsible for the laxative effect. For 3000 years it has been used externally (originally in Mesopotamia and Egypt) for skin infections and wounds, and internally as a laxative.

Careful processing of aloe gel is essential for maintaining activity.

Aloe is processed using hand fillets technique or process the entire sheet (Goldberg, 1999). Hand-filleting processing removes the inner gel by avoiding the yellow latex is next to the skin. Entire leaf extracts are prepared for consumption after sterilization and mixing by grinding the entire sheet and then removing the bitter yellow component with filtration charcoal. Aloe and its derivatives are . The are considered to be those active ingredients for anti-Aloe inflammation and immune modulation effect (Pugh et al., 2001). The main carbohydrate fraction isolated from aloe gel.

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