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5 action to teach you how to choose a watch

Watches, is read from the original tools, gradually evolved into a very important personal ornaments; Nowadays people to buy a watch, not just in order to use it to read time, more hope to show his experience with watches, tastes, preferences, and even money. People to buy a watch for a variety of purposes, all hope that it will eventually achieve their desired effect, but the pay pay of the moment, you are sure this is the most suitable for your watch? VOGUE fashion network, hope I can from the following several aspects to netizens to choose watch some advice.

Choose the Fake Cartier love bracelet

As the saying goes, the paper clay are still ahead. Before choosing watch, will determine the approximate budget first, and choose right price watch according to the budget.

Watch used as an additional value is much higher than the value of the goods, the price had a decisive impact factor is brand, similar function and material of the watch, according to different brands, prices may be worlds apart. Because of the brand is so important, it is necessary to first determine the brand, at least to frame the choice of the brand.

For most of the domestic ordinary consumers, the watch brand is the most important quality and popularity, but the two do not necessarily is associated, both SWATCH so widely known parity Volkswagen brand, also have like Greubel Forsey this hidden in purdah brand of top class niche.

If buy the Cartier love ring replica just to meet the needs of himself to read with decoration, when choosing just within budget and choose their own brand.

If it is to buy a watch for social purposes, must be taken into account when selecting a watch brand of their own social circle of clock and watch brand cognitive degree, buying an expensive but very low-key brand, around the friends all don’t know, it must be a very depressed thing; If you are in your own circle belongs to authority and leading the clock and watch, that is another matter.

To choose the style

Watch as a kind of accessories, style is also very important to choose the basis.

Watch style itself is not good or bad, only suitable and unsuitable, for selected table is actually is to choose the most suitable for your style. Besides there must be eye catching, watch the whole style to match the background factors, that is the main wear occasion to clear the table first, even if you again like straightforward hale military watches, use it to match a dress suit will always have acosmia feeling.

In addition to the overall style, there is a small place also note; If the wearer is elderly, definition of the reading is very important, the dial color and the color difference with pointer scale is larger, the better; Normal wear watches are not very careful, don’t choose the best ultra-thin mechanical watch, because ultra-thin table is relatively more delicate.

As long as it can take into account the overall appearance and use factors, pick up a suitable table is not a difficult thing.

Look at the details

Architect mies van DE lo said that “the devil exists in detail (Devils are in the details). A good table, even get rid of the Logo, fine detail work equally that it is worth. Mechanical watch machine core competition is an excellent stage, and all the detail process even in today’s industrial automation degree is high, the tiny movement parts still need watchmaker, one by one manually polish. Part of the grade of the degree of polishing can illustrate a gold watch, only when the brand positioning is enough to support a high enough price, fruity and elegant chamfer will not appear on the machine parts.

From the appearance of the Replica Cartier love bracelet can also see the pros and cons of detail, surface treatment of the most common case is perfect polishing or perfect matte; Sometimes in order to obtain a better visual effect, different parts of the watch case can adopt different surface treatment technology, although this will increase the difficulty and cost, but it is this to detail the intransigence of a higher value was given a gold watch.

Play movement

Watch the movement of comparable car engine, with a better understanding of the watch, the focus of people also gradually shifting from the appearance to the movement.

Compared with ETA movement system of this kind of many brands of general movement, the brand development, design, manufacturing alone produced movement can reflect the real brand strength more. Many use ETA movement in high-grade brand, will be in the flagship series or expensive watches can carry its own movement. The importance and value of its movement.

There are a lot of staff’s evaluation of a machine. In general, with the laws of the certification or conform to the Geneva observatory 12 with Geneva seal, is a sign of good movement. The movement as precise, grind the decorative, not only practical but also has aesthetic value. , of course, with markings and certified natural outstanding, but is not to say that no mark is not a good movement. Like lundgren movement, the version of the road is unique, decoration luxury, been a favourite table friend; Rolex movement is plain, but the movement is very “strong” precise solid, is hidden beneath the bottom lid, also cannot hide its super power. In addition, if the watch has gone, you can see the movement version of the road, can admire machine screw, if Cartier nail bracelet replica abrasive polishing, chamfering fastidious, both system core and produces, shows its good qualities. Such as patek philippe CH29 timing movement, version of a beautiful road, screw clamp grinding decorate reach the designated position, and have done many optimization of timing mechanism, performance is superior, is a good model of movement.

Than the precision

Watch as a reading tool, precision is also an important factor.

Walking alone in terms of accuracy, quartz from the date of birth is win mechanical watches, after all, the emphasis has been placed on the need to good mechanical error of the table every day for a few seconds, and a quartz watch monthly error may only a few seconds. For high precision requirement, can consider to buy quartz watch.

If you choose mechanical watch, need to be prepared to accept the error, the Swiss observatory standards also asked only error in – 4 / + 6 seconds per day. Price not necessarily also associated with precision, watch for hundreds of thousands of yuan on the precision is not necessarily superior to watch for tens of thousands of yuan. As long as the error is within the scope of the individuals can accept, don’t worry about the problem of precision.

If really can’t stand, also can put the watch back to set-up brand designated service center, of course, the bigger the error of the calibration is not happened.

TIPS: sales won’t tell you a few things

ETA movement of big capacity, low cost, are widely used in watches, a lot of brand product in compiling information, does not directly indicate the ETA movement, the watch is used but with the brand’s own movement model to replace the corresponding ETA movement models. If to sell movement more care of the readers, be sure to do your homework in advance before the choose and buy, clocks and watches in many professional websites and BBS can check the related information.

A lot of cheap brands have launched gold-plated watch case watch, the appearance of the gold-plated watch with a gold watch and close to the price of the steel sheet as the selling point, but to buy gold plated watch will be prepared to do a crust rub off after two years, it is our Cartier online store: http://www.aier.su when the mottled watchcase may make you regret the decision.

A watch once using some new technologies, will be as a good selling point for consumers. On the surface this seems to be a win-win situation, consumers have a more superior product performance, the brand to sell the watch for a better price. But in terms of the present actual situation, the watch industry with new technology to the degree of prudence is obviously far less drugs or auto industry, consumers pay when the case is not rare of mice. As an ordinary consumer, don’t be so quick to embrace those that did not withstand the test of time and market new technology.

Watch as a kind of precision instruments, will inevitably encounter in the process of long-term use of maintenance problems, even without failure, mechanical watch every few years a cleaning service is also very necessary. Watch the cost of maintenance, basically with brand positioning was positively associated to, buy luxury watch also means expensive follow-up expenses in the future.
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