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2017年08月06日 | 人物


で、スウェーデン人で、「 シリコンバレー・ジャパン・プラットフォームエグゼクティブ・ コミッティー・メンバー: ・英国国際戦略研究所 日本代表・安全保障コンサルタント(国際 機関・政府向け) ・森ビル シニア・アドバイザー」、で元日本新党の党員であったという奥様を持つという、ニルス・ビルト氏の事を書きましたが、今年2月に米国のFOXニュースにSwedish defence and national security advisorとして、出演したらしいです。



Dagens Nyheter(2017.2.28)
Nils Bildt tried to negotiate in abduction case 

Last week Swedish Nils Bildt, 41, appeared on American Fox News. He was presented as ”Swedish defence and national security advisor”. But the Swedish armed forces, the Swedish foreign ministry and Swedish defence experts were not familiar with him. Since then the story of the false security advisor has been spread over the world. 


On April 1, 2003, Nils Gustav Tolling changed his name to Nils Bildt. The name change was approved by the Swedish Patent and Registration Office and recorded in the national registration. 

Despite the name change he has continued to use his previous name in several contexts. His American companies North East Training Center, FFOs&F and Corporate and Transportation Security Solutions are all registered under Nils Tolling. 

However the Japanese company CTSS Japan, which was founded in 2011, is registered under Nils Bildt. That company is now closed. 

Up until his appearance on Fox News, Nils Bildt claimed that he was the founder of the company Modus World LLC., registered at an address in Washington. But during last weekend the company's website disappeared. 

The company was registered in March 2016 by a corporate consultant. It is not apparent who is behind the company. 

”My assignment was to handle the registration of the company, I cannot say anything about who is behind it,” says corporate consultant Joel C Weingarten. 

On the company's website several acknowledged names were listed as partners. Security advisor Charles ”Don” McFetridge was one of them. 

”Thats news to me. I met Nils Bildt in Washington a couple of years ago through mutual acquaintances. We had a few beers. He was very charming and agreeable. We did talk about potential future collaborations, but as I said I had no idea about the fact that I was listed as partner in his company,” he says. 

Neither does security advisor Enders Wimbush, who is also listed as involved in the company, know that he has become involved in Modus World. 

”I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the board of Modus World. This I discovered only in the last few days. This was done without my agreement or permission. I have had no business dealings whatsoever at any time with Modus World,” he writes in an e-mail to DN.